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A very happy outcome

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



Facilitators: Before and after the trips, there were numerous people that I was able to turn to if I needed support. And I put them all through the test during that week. I can tell you that these are authentic, genuine people, that really, really want you to have the best experience possible. The mushrooms may also bestow super powers of intuition, and that is what they told me. All of the ground rules are in place for your protection, so that you get the best experience. The facilitators have also very likely “been there“, and quite likely beyond, wherever it is that you trip to. Between them they have hundreds upon hundreds of combined trips, and have likely seen hundreds more. They’ve read esoteric texts and modern research on the subject. As such, it is unlikely that your case will be so unique that no one will be able to relate to you. Instead, expect much understanding and wise words. Accommodations: if you’re picky, know thyself and book the comfort. If you don’t care all that much, then do basic. I did basic, and there was no air conditioner, and I had a roommate. Didn’t mind, enjoyed myself. The mushroom: I like Paul Stamets idea of re-classifying psilocybin as a vitamin...a vitamin that was present in the human diet for millennia, and now is deficient. It is beyond question that for most people, this experience is a must-do. In light of having had the actual experience, challenges and all, the idea of avoiding it for any reason whatsoever, including moral or legal reasons, becomes utterly laughable. We made a rash decision based not on facts, but moral panic, to criminalize this most important medicine. Therefore the Mycomeditations team goes out of their way to avoid the exterior trappings that bogged down the progress of psilocybin so many decades ago (think hippie culture, et al.). The participants: Lest you think that you will encounter a gang of weirdos, rest assured that most people that attend Mycomeditations retreats could easily be your next-door neighbor, and that they are seeking solace and therapy, having thoroughly done level-headed research. Of course this is a generalization and there is a spectrum, and I can only speak to the 12 participants that were with me at my particular retreat, all of whose company I enjoyed, without exclusion. This was facilitated by a willingness to be open and share the often bizarre underbelly of our psyches with one another. On one hand there’s a spiritual aspect to it (despite one's inclinations), and it becomes obvious that all religions came from this (or DMT). On the practical side, the tangible mental/physical/emotional benefits are undeniable. I've become more at peace with myself, and as a result I'm able to connect with people in a genuine, non-fear-based way like never before. A very happy outcome.

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Visited Saturday, May 18th 2019

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