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I am a psychologist practicing in the US and traveled to Myco with a group of psychologists, therapists, and other professionals who are interested in using psychedelics in mainstream clinical practice. Overall, my experience was extremely positive. First, Eric and his team do a spectacular job of orienting you to the experience (as much as that is possible) and creating a safe, encouraging space to be open and vulnerable. It was quite a luxury to not have to worry about anything- housing, food, transportation etc are all taken care of. During the sessions, this allowed me to fully let go to the experience. I completely trusted Eric's team- they have significant experience and are skilled at facilitating this process. Most of all, I appreciated Eric's attitude that he brought to the team- a great balance of confidence in the process of using mushrooms for healing and humility towards the mystery of this practice and of life in general. There is not a rigid structure or ritual or ceremony before or after each sessions which I liked. There are some basic guidelines, but it did not feel like Myco was imposing any principles or values on the group- rather, it was a more open, flexible, and humble approach, with great respect and deference given to the mushrooms and their potential for growth and healing. Second, the focus on integration was extremely helpful. After each session, you listen to the experience of others and share your own. I actually found these sessions to be as helpful as the sessions! As someone with prior psychedelic experience, I know the importance of this part of the process and Myco does a great job at aiming to serve it. Third, the overall environment is ideal. I stayed in "basic" housing which was fine. I actually preferred to stay at the place where sessions were held. There was no hot water, but for me that became part of the fun of living a more simple lifestyle while in Jamaica. Doreen prepared meals for us which was a special treat- she and her family (who live on the property) are so loving and great at caretaking. Doreen was approachable about any issues I brought to her (ex. requesting an extra fan). Food was amazing! There were always sober sitters each session. I know that sitters taking mushrooms is controversial and I must admit I was initially a bit concerned about this. However, it became clear to me why this is actually helpful for sitters to be able to be attuned to the experience of the participants. All of the sitters were super experienced and you couldn't even tell who dosed and who didn't (those who did had very small doses). After the retreat, I actually now would prefer my sitters to be dosing along with me! Each person in our group had a very different set of experiences with the mushrooms, but based on integration sessions and talking with individuals, it seemed everyone from our group found it to be beneficial. For me, it was extremely healing. Sessions helped bring up personal issues to work through and made it very clear the ways in which I limit myself in being the person I am. I also reconnected with a sense of spirituality or greater connection that I have experienced in psychedelic sessions many years ago. I also learned so much through the experience of others- testament to the power of group psychedelic sessions. I would recommend Myco to anyone curious about psychedelic healing. There were really no significant negatives or complaints for me. I was anxious about the lack of access to food (based on recommendations to take snacks) though there are opportunities to visit the grocery store and local restaurants to explore for non-provided meals. Eric and his team are skilled, kind, caring, and passionate individuals doing something extraordinary. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to attend a Myco retreat and am committed to returning for future retreats!

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Visited Saturday, January 12th 2019

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