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Can't wait to return next year

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



It's hard to articulate how much I love this place, but I'll try. I'm a psychologist who has been interested in psilocybin-augmented therapy for a few years. In mid Jan., I and a group (11 therapists, 1 poet, 1 mathematician) went to Myco for a 1 week retreat. I am a 51 yr old women who has never done more than microdose. I was very nervous about tripping - I don't like substances that make me feel out of control. I chose Myco because I wanted a safe setting in which to try a clinical dose of mushrooms. I'm so glad I did. It was magical - a profoundly important experience. I came away from the week more aware, grounded, honest, relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. I feel much more connected to others and better able to face challenges. To be clear, psilocybin is not a panacea, but it can be an important part of making the changes you need to in order to move towards what you care about in life. I believe everyone in our group had deeply meaningful experiences. Eric and his team were amazing. They create a wonderful setting and they were all very skillful during dosing sessions and integration sessions. We had 2 licensed therapists and a nurse among our sitters. The team really shaped my experience - they exude love and are all quite remarkable in their clinical skills. The comfort accommodations were lovely - staff went out of their way to make us comfortable and everyone was really friendly. My friends in basic accommodations where very happy too, so you kind of can't go wrong on this point. After this experience, I am all the more convinced that psilocybin is not a "drug" per se but a medicine - one with huge benefit, minimal side effects and no real potential for abuse/addiction. I grew up being told (and believing) that psychedelics were dangerous, etc. so this shift is substantial for me. I plan on going to Myco again in a year or so. Maybe every year from now on. I cannot recommend Myco highly enough!

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The facilitators where the absolute highlight - such warm, authentic, loving people. Very skilled at helping guide different people through a diversity of experiences.





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Visited Saturday, January 12th 2019

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