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I'm still processing my recent visit to MycoMeditations from last week. I don't feel up to narrating the experience in extreme detail right now - please see other reviews for some really detailed descriptions. For the moment, suffice to say that I went as a long-time recovering alcoholic with long-term depression which (fortunately) has responded well to treatment. I was, however, seeking a better solution to depression that did not involve the kind of loss of creativity that I experienced with Prozac. Of course I was also hoping I would have some sort of mystical union with the universal energy I had read about, but did my best to let go of any expectations. In a nutshell, I feel like - in my mind - I had signed up for a pleasant little stroll on the beach (my bad), and what I got was an intensely grueling and ultimately satisfying, life-changing marathon. If you are looking for something "fun" to do, my advice would be to take your money and head to Disneyland. If you are looking for some deep insights into your own nature and the nature of the universe, and you are willing to possibly come face to face with some of your biggest fears and anxieties while doing so, then book your stay with Myco; for me and at least a few others it was like therapy on steroids. It was also frequently "fun." Bear in mind that the experience is different for everyone. You may talk to "God," but you may have to go through the Devil to get there. In any case, I would not trade the experience for ANYTHING, difficult as it was for me at times. And If our group was any indication (11 people from around the world), this experience will bond you together like very few others. Staff was knowledgable, insightful, caring, reliable and vigilant. A few caveats: 1) Anti-depressants can interfere with your experience, so consider talking to your doctor about stopping your meds at least 6 weeks prior to your visit, and 2) if you have a history of substance abuse, bear in mind that being "under the influence" of psilocybin, or being around others who have dosed, may trigger some strong emotions. These, I believe, are "red herrings," but I would advise you not to book a retreat until you have discussed the idea with someone (e.g. a psychiatrist) knowledgable about BOTH psilocybin treatment in a therapeutic setting, and substance abuse recovery.

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Visited Monday, March 4th 2019

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