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My wife and I attended the 2019 August 10 - 17 retreat. As someone who has had decades of some relief from clinical depression and PTSD via fluoxetine (Prozac), I stay current in mental health research as best I can. Having seen the recent resurgence in psychedelics for the treatment of these disorders, I looked into participating in such a study. The age limit for participants is 65. I am 66. Fortunately, I also discovered this retreat. I researched Eric’s (the founder of MM) history and read several reviews from those who went before. The few negative reviews I found were from people who wanted to run the retreat their way (exotic dancing, “certified” clinicians, blah blah blah). Well, this retreat is run in a caring, safe environment by people experienced with the use of psychedelics and in facilitating the psychedelic experiences of others. A nurse is also present at each psychedelic event. Each of my three ‘trips’ were on my terms. For one, I mimicked the John Hopkins study by using a blindfold and the music playlist they used. Another was sans music while walking around the grounds. Finally, one was without blindfold and my own playlist of music I love. Perhaps my most significant trip was the (lowest dose) walking around trip. The point is that I was free to explore the best ways to make beneficial use of my experiences. An experience that I believe should be available to anyone in a free country. I am again taking fluoxetine. My experiences did not ‘fix’ me. Eric told me (and everyone else) ahead of time that shrooms are not a magic bullet. While I had hope, I had no expectations from my experiences. My journey continues. I have new friends to whom I can reach out. I am very happy that I found and experienced MM. Best to you and your journey. Oh, and it’s hot in Jamaica. I found short sleeved button down shirts to be more comfortable than tee shirts.

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Visited Saturday, August 10th 2019

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