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Treasure Beach, Jamaica



My trip to Jamaica for one of the Mycomeditations retreats was a great experience for me. Unfortunately, I was one of the rare ones that didn't have any mystical or spiritual experiences or profound insights. I am confident though that the psilocybin was and still is changing the neural pathways by re-wiring some of the connections between different parts of my brain. The people that run Mycomeditation retreats were very professional and very knowledgeable. There were 10 of us "guests" and 6 staff members during the sessions. A couple of the staff members were licensed counselors, 1 was a nurse and all seemed very knowledgeable in the way psilocybin effects the body and brain. During our dosing sessions (there were 3) all 6 staff were very alert to what was going on in the group (we all dosed at the same time and in the same outdoor area under shaded porches or pavilions). Each session was 5-6 hours and the staff never appeared bored or seemed to just be babysitting us. There was someone always available to sit and talk or just be with you if you felt like you needed it. I felt very safe and watched over, I knew they wouldn't let me do anything that might cause harm to myself. They were all very sensitive to what each of us were dealing with and were there to help us in anyway we needed. I felt they were all very present with us and focused on us the entire 5-6 hours. That really impressed me because I hadn't expected that level of care from the staff. I'm really glad I went. The other participants were a great group of people, all of them were there for mental or physical healing. Some had been through pretty traumatic events in their past that they were dealing with. Several had drinking or drug problems. We had group counseling sessions everyday and developed a very close bond, I consider everyone of them a friend. We have our own group on WhatsApp and so everyone is still connecting through it. I highly recommend MycoMeditations and hope to return at least once a year.

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Visited Thursday, September 19th 2019

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