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Army Vet Finds Healing

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I attended a 7 day retreat in December. I highly recommend this wellness retreat for everyone, however I want to specifically address my military brothers and sisters. We are not a trusting lot and more often than not, Vets only talk to's just how it is. I served honorably as Airborne Infantry with the 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg. I got out in 2003. I have suffered with major depression and PTSD for most of my life. I was at the end of my rope, the walls were coming in, I was gonna be "lights out" real soon. I had been doing the whole therapy thing with the VA and taking all my happy pills, nothing was working. On a whim, I decided to try out MycoMeditations...who am I kidding, I researched the HELL out of this operation! These people are legit, nuff said! This is BIG medicine for anyone who suffers like we do. They treated me with dignity and respect the entire time. They respected my space and didn't try to push anything on me. I was exceptionally skeptical at first, but here is what sold me. 1. Eric's honesty and forthrightness. 2. Current research on mushrooms (psilocybins) and depression. 3. Mushrooms (psilocybins) are non-toxic, non-addictive, typically do not interact (contraindicate) with most drugs, you cannot overdose on mushrooms. 4. The love of everyone there. These are some of the things that sold me on this retreat. I can't O.D, it is non toxic and non addictive, worst case scenario is I have a great time in Jamaica and the shrooms don't work...however... Best case scenario is that I am depression and PTSD free, don't have to take any mind numbing meds for the last 35 days (and counting), and I had a great time in Jamaica?...Really? is this even still a question? Get your passport, email Mycomeditations (Athena), and get your ass to Jamaica. I trust these people with my life, and that is not easy for a Vet...and now my life is completely different, for the better. You can be as skeptical as you want to be, but in the end...if you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and nothing is working. Give these people a chance. Give the process a chance. Be completely honest and vulnerable in group. Take that big, nasty ruck off your back that you've been carryin' around for far too long. It's tough for us to let our guard down, but it is totally worth it at this place. Give it a chance, you will be glad you did. Be well my brothers and sisters in arms, and welcome home...One love.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 13


Doreen, Kanga and all the wonderful people of the local community have created something truly special. It is subtle, so look carefully and feel more than you think...otherwise you'll miss it.


Doreen and Kanga provide some great accomodations!


My brothers and sisters! You are genuine, caring and empathetic souls, I trust you all with my life!


What would you give to be able to let go of all the demons that haunt you? What would it be like not to have to take antidepressant medication ever again? You should come to Jamaica and find out for yourself...One love...


It's a no bullshit zone, but you can be yourself as well...just better to be genuine.


All guests to the Doranja House benefit from a loving community that spans several square miles and generations of family that looks out for all of the guests and each other.


MycoMeditations is one of the oldest organizations that provides this specific kind of retreat here in is well worth it...believe me.

Booking process

Simple process. You are in the kind and caring hands of Athena and other MycoMeditations professionals from the word..."GO"

Follow up integration

Between the follow up phone call and the WhatsApp communication thread, I can reach out to anyone, at anytime, with anything...Love you all, miss you all!

Visited Sunday, December 16th 2018

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