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A Delightfully Strange and Blissful Week

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I'm both curious and very skeptical. I work for a US medical school and I have never used psychedelics or participated in group therapy before. A knowledgable friend suggested that to experience, and potentially benefit from psilocybin, MycoMeditations would be a positive and safe first experience. She was right. Given the importance of mindset to psilocybin's effects, I wanted to be relaxed, prepared, and in a trusting environment. Treasure Beach, Jamaica covered the *relaxed* part of that equation instantly. The blissfully slow pace of life is infectious. There isn't a ton of time between arrival and your first dose, but the team mails reams of information in advance and packs a lot of prep into the first 24 hours. And of course, given how far ahead you'll probably need to book, you'll have 3-6 months to read and prepare before you even get on the plane. As for trust, that was earned slowly. Everyone starts with a low first dose and if you decide you aren't comfortable the first night and just want to watch that's fine too. If you're the kind of person who feels more comfortable with some form of western medicine around, there's an RN on site during doses. If you're someone who's most comfortable with a Myconaut who's been past the outer edge of the universe, conversed with aliens, lived a thousand lifetimes during a single trip, or watched 100s of people dose, there were some *very* experienced facilitators around who speak your language. The team goes out of their way to manage group dynamics and make the experience flexible enough to work for everyone. That's no small task given that there were many people looking to heal deep, stubborn psychic wounds. If you want to be sociable during that process, you'll probably find someone else in the group who feels similarly. If you want to be alone, set yourself up on the edge of the circle, strap on your eyeshades, and travel solo. Lastly, if you do visit, try to come without too many expectations. Some people seemed to change and heal in front of my eyes as oppressive mental health symptoms just melted away. A couple of people experienced very little at all. Some people didn't notice much on their first trip only to report major realizations later in the week. Try to stay open-minded. You don't have to do anything on this retreat, but it's pretty hard to avoid being amazed and having a great time.

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Visited Sunday, December 16th 2018

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