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Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I had an amazing experience at Myco and plan to return in future. The many positive reviews of Myco are spot on, and I echo their sentiments. Specifically: • Accommodations: I stayed at Basic and loved it. Our hosts -- Doreen, Sidi, and Kanga -- were warm and welcoming and so much fun to spend time with. We dosed on their property in a lovely fenced yard surrounded by beautiful trees and centered on a huge firepit. Gorgeous sunsets too... • Facilitators: Our facilitators were warm, attentive, and skilled; they took great care of us. (Three of the six facilitators were practicing psychotherapists, readily available throughout the retreat for private conversations, processing, etc.) On each of the nights we dosed, three or four of them dosed as well (low doses). Some in our group were in initially concerned about this, but in the end, we all agreed that this was one of the best parts of our experience. Our facilitators were able to share the "mushroom space" with us -- they "got" where we were coming from -- while still able to attend to our needs quickly and effectively. We agreed that we wouldn't have it any other way. • Eric Osborne: Eric was an outstanding leader -- open, curious, flexible, engaging, and clearly devoted to the well-being of each of participant. We had a handful of unwelcome events during our retreat (e.g., rain soon after we'd dosed and set up our mats), but he and his team handled those situations with aplomb. From start to finish, I felt safe and attended to. • Beer and marijuana: Most of the people in our group enjoyed a beer or two during our late-night, post-trip dinners. A handful of people shared a joint. Ordinarily, I would consider this unremarkable, but a member of our group demanded that we all refrain from alcohol and marijuana in observance of his spiritual practices, so I wanted to make a point of saying that Eric handled this member's concerns with respect and compassion, offering him an alternative space to spend his post-tripping time. Following this gentleman's second bout of incendiary remarks aimed at other participants, a good portion of the group was understandably fed up; Eric did a great job defusing the situation. In the end, I agree with this gentleman that if you are not comfortable being in the presence of beer -- if you want a perfectly quiet, sanitized experience -- Myco is probably not the right place for you. • Other participants: This is a group setting, and the other people in your group will have an impact on you. During our 3 trips, some cried; some wailed; some groaned. Some laughed with joy; some wept with ecstasy. Some expressed themselves loudly and powerfully. We discussed this repeatedly as a group and most agreed that being privy to these deeply personal moments was a privilege for which we were grateful. Hearing the sounds of sorrow, grief, anger, and joy reminded us of our shared human experience and deepened our experiences. Did it distract us too? Sure it did! But I'd rather be surrounded and embraced (and distracted) by the amazing humans I tripped with than undisturbed and alone. Myco offers exactly the atmosphere in which I want to hold psychedelic experience, which for me is sacred. I cannot recommend Myco highly enough.

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Visited Sunday, January 13th 2019

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