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Simplicity, Serenity and Beauty at Treasure Beach's (Jamaica) Mycomeditations Retreats!!

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



The minute I arrived at the Mycomeditations, I was immediately struck by the elegant beauty of the properties that are all part of the Mycomeditations retreat experience. Soon after arriving, I met several Jamaican Nationals and quickly felt a very strong connection to them and those connections became deeper as our week progressed. The buildings themselves were perfect Caribbean getaways, older homes but very comfortable and functional. Great open spaces in each of the homes that open to sweeping panoramas of the Caribbean!!!! . I have had the opportunity to experience food from many different countries and at some of the world's finest restaurants. The fragrance of Jamaican cooking wafting through the area in late afternoon was beyond description and I can honestly say that Jamaican food is now among my favorite foods and it is possibly my very favorite food. I honestly cannot convey how important my fellow retreat guests became to me as the week progressed. The education and professional backgrounds of my fellow attendees was astounding. The truth is, I felt many of them were truly brilliant people and far more importantly, they were and are good human beings. This, like many other experiences during our retreat was truly not anticipated but so appreciated. Arriving at Mycomeditations was the result of many years of awareness and study regarding the potential benefits of certain types of psychedelic therapies for a variety of mental health maladies. Many of these maladies have profoundly impacted my profession so I have always looked for emerging therapies that might ameliorate the suffering of others. My experience during this retreat was personally transformative and transcendent and I will return I gained much insight and understanding concerning some of my struggles. Saving probably the best for last!!! Eric Osborne and the team he has put together at Mycomeditations was one of the most impressive groups of people I have ever been associated with and over a 40 year career, I have been exposed to many "teams." These folks placed our safety and comfort as their #1 priorities during our stay. The insights, compassion and empathy displayed by these wonderful folks was something to behold. Eric Osborne is the consummate professional with a very deep understanding of the utility of this form of therapy and I could not imagine a better guide and teacher. He and his lovely wife Courtney have truly created a magical place where miracles do happen. If my children did their own research and decided on their own that they wanted to participate in this therapy, I would trust Eric and his team with the health, safety and welfare!!!! I guess that says it all!!!!

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Visited Sunday, July 7th 2019

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