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Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I sought this experience out in the hopes of healing my heart, mind and soul and walked away with that and so much more. I am forever grateful to the Mycomeditations staff, facilitators and to the wonderful friends I met while on retreat at Doranja House on Treasure Beach. I’d like to take use this opportunity to give a special thanks to Ms. Doreen and her family for opening up their piece of heaven on Earth to us. I’d also to like to thank Ben, Justin, Danny, Ruschiene and Matt for being amazing facilitators and for providing a safe and comfortable space for our group to heal and learn more about ourselves and each other. I went to this retreat alone and always felt protected and safe. For anyone, looking to reconnect with themselves and others, to gain a greater appreciation of nature and of life as a whole, this retreat is highly recommended. Bring insect repellent and anti-itch medicine if you are allergic like I am. I look forward to my next visit to the Doranja House on Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Love you and miss you Lolo!! MushLove! -Maggie

Number of Participants in ceremony: 13


Treasure Beach is beautiful but also very dry.


Doranja House was a comfortable and peaceful setting for this retreat minus the mosquitos. The food was delicious.


Professional, caring, and warm


The medicine worked very well for me. I was finally able to forgive myself and acknowledge that I am worthy and deserving of the same love I give to others.


The medicine works differently for different people and one should factor in variables like any other medications one is taking at the time.


I felt very safe and protected at all times.


Mediation sessions with Ben, Yoga sessions with Danny and delicious meals prepared by Ms. Doreen and her family made me feel well prepared for the medicine and impending journey.

Booking process

Super easy. Athena made it a seamless process. My only wish is that if were made more affordable for people in lower income brackets. I know so many people that could benefit from this medicine, process and environment but are unable to afford it.

Follow up integration

Integration was also great. Everyone was given ample opportunity to express themselves freely.

Visited Wednesday, September 18th 2019

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