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Total life change in 6 days flat.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I am a retired family physician that runs a free primary care mental health clinic. This doc knew that a lifetime of experiences had left scars and weights. On and off counseling for over 30 years and more recently years of an antidepressant was needed to make it through an incredibly stressful academic careers and the scars of an overly religious upbringing. I researched over 20 hallucinogen therapy centers after Poulan's book came out. I knew there was a lot of indescribably painful stuff stored up inside. I choose Mycomeditations as the best. I had NO IDEA! No idea about the wonderful quality of the organization/people and NO IDEA of the amount of pain I had to exorcise. This was the most meaningful, painful, soul clearing experience I could have imagined.My trips were intensely therapeutic. My stated goal for the experience was a soul flush and reset. THAT was exceeded big time. I learned more valuable stuff about myself in one week than in over 30 years of on and off counseling and antidepressant treatment. I am still revealing in the understandings and changes in my core self. No more meds. No more depression. Living in the moment becomes so much easier. Awareness of negative thoughts/rumination immediately and easily block the thought/replacing it with a sense of peace. It is hard to describe the transformation for me personally or some of my friends in my group. This was an astounding experience. Life change on a core level. This is what I wish for every psychiatric patient I see - but it is illegal in my state. That is the real tragedy here. Psilocybin is the most amazing psychiatric tool I have ever studied - or experienced. Wow.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 14


Just gorgeous. Hot in the summer.


Beautiful. Great cooks


Amazing group of well trained, sensitive, professional people that are truly there for you every minute.


Beyond all expectations




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Visited Saturday, June 8th 2019

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