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Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I went to MycoMeditations interested in the possibilities of healing and a new perspective on my life. The experience far exceeded my expectations. I stayed in Doranja house (basic), run by the inimitable Doreen – warm, funny, smart, kind — who fed us amazing meals, made sure we had what we needed, and charmed us with her wit and wisdom. It was comfortable and the food was great. Her daughter Sidi is equally wonderful — she helped me during one of the sessions with her calm demeanor, humor, and ability to understand whatever is happening on a deep level. We were a group of 13, and Eric and his team took great care of us, handling logistics and unexpected needs with generosity and warmth. Eric’s depth of experience with psilocybin is as useful/helpful as it is fascinating. He is also wise enough to say, when it is true, “I don’t know!” – a refreshing and rare humility. He watched over all 13 of us during the trips, making the rounds in his calm and comforting way, or participating in post-peak conversation with a terrific sense of humor, and his love and enthusiasm for life and the people in it. He dealt with some of the more intense trippers during our second session, and the other facilitators were there for the rest of us. I felt completely safe and cared for by all of them. They understand what you’re going through, and know just what to say and how to respond. Psilocybin can be a scary teacher at times, and I knew I was in good hands. It has now been almost three weeks since my trip, and I just had my follow-up integration call with Eric. Like many others, I underestimated the importance of integration sessions, in Jamaica and then back home. It really helps to review how one’s life has been since- Eric remembered things I had said during integration sessions in Jamaica and asked about them. (I am impressed with Eric’s ability to remember what 13 people said at different times during a very intense week.) I’m still feeling the benefits of the sessions: more connection with others, more clarity, more peacefulness. I highly recommend MycoMeditations to anyone who seeks freedom from the various ways we confine ourselves. Eric and his team are truly wonderful; I trust them completely. I hope to go back!

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Visited Saturday, January 12th 2019

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