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Very positive experience

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I attended a retreat last week and can say it was a great decision. In a safe, caring environment I confronted difficult issues and am better for it. Eric, Mike, Justin, their staff, and the other attendees were just wonderful. My heart is filled with gratitude. Much to build on, but the haze of depression has lifted. Heartily recommend.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 11


Treasure beach is a quiet rural area. Perfect setting.


Doreen and Kanga at Doranja House were great. Simple accommodations, but all you need


Eric, Justin, and Mike were rock solid and met every personal crisis with calm aplomb.


I did not always have the experience I thought I would, but every experience taught me something.


Don’t have much to compare to, but the mushrooms always came through for me.


I always felt secure.


They have a program, and while loose, we did what was planned when it was planned.

Booking process

Super straightforward

Follow up integration

The post integration talks went on as long as needed. I never felt rushed, hushed, or irrelevant.

Visited Saturday, May 18th 2019

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