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Treasure Trove

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I attended a Myco retreat last summer and can say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Knowing from experience the profound and long lasting self-wisdom psychedelics can provide, I was seeking a deeper dive in a controlled setting. I wasn't looking for a recreational experience nor was I looking to heal a deep trauma in a confined medical setting; Mycomeditations was the perfect choice for me. The group setting appealed to me as did, obviously, the locale. As a forty-seven year old wife and mother whose life was in flux, I was hoping to reconnect with my inner strength and wisdom which had gotten away from me over the last few years as I struggled with coming to terms with living with cancer. I did my research, read reviews and felt well-prepared for the experience. It did not disappoint. Regarding the criticisms that have popped up, what Eric and Myco are doing is groundbreaking and new; it's understandable that there be complaints, concerns and stories of things going off course. I mean, you're tripping, there is no map. But I can assure you. as people raged, laughed, screamed or sought solitude in the group setting during a dose, the facilitators were there to manage the boundaries and were very energetically in tune to what was going on and when an intervention was needed they did it in a non-obtrusive, subtle manner so as not to disrupt or alarm the others. As far as I'm concerned, that level of intuition and understanding trumps a specific degree in terms of ability in facilitating a group dose. The discussions that took place next day were helpful in sharing our experiences but also in voicing concerns and perceived threats; we empowered each other to speak up and stand up and in the end, the experience brought us that much closer together in not only self-acceptance but acceptance for each other. Everyone worked on what they needed to work on even it was in the unexpected places or time between the doses. We were all on our own journey but we all supported each other as we worked through our shit. Just be honest about your issues going in and definitely tell the staff prior to attending if you've got some serious mental health issues and are on meds. I left Treasure Beach with a sense of purpose and a calling to my higher self (and a cat). Since returning home, I've put multiple balls into motion that have set me not only on a road to healing but also on the path to be the healer I've always known myself to be. Mycomeditations helped me reconnect to my own lightness of being and inner strength. I fell in love with Treasure Beach (the people and the place) and made new friends I'll have in my life forever. Highly recommend!

Number of Participants in ceremony: 14


Treasure Beach is a special place with a unique vibe


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We all remain in touch and have shared many experiences since that keep us on track in remembering and living the magic we all experienced. We've even had a small reunion and plan for more!

Visited Thursday, July 19th 2018

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