I left my PTSD in Jamaica
 6 months ago
For 40+ years I have struggled with the aftermath of being sexually molested and assaulted. I eventually sought out therapy and was diagnosed with PTSD and given the language I needed to understand when I was in flight/fight/freeze/fawn mode and dissociating. But even after 5 years of therapy, I was still stuck and so very angry about everything. I read about psilocybin and the positive outcomes for people with PTSD. I took a leap of faith as I was at my wit's end and, for me, it worked. I left angry me in a hammock in Jamaica and returned home to rekindle my life. It was completely worth every effort to get there and every penny it cost to get the therapy I so desperately needed.

Number of people in ceremony: 14


Away from hustle and bustle of city life. It was perfect.


Clean, friendly, right on the beach, perfect.


Knowledgeable, kind, completely trusted them and felt safe.


It worked for me.



Felt completely safe the whole time I was there.


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Visited Friday, February 28th 2020