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Treasure Beach, Jamaica



I came to Myco after 2 years of severe depression, PTSD, and trauma. I also was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Western medicine had made things much worse and it became apparent to me that they that were treating me had no education to actually understand mental illness as there is no understanding in the first place, there are simply methods that may or may not help symptoms to some degree. As a last resort and having read many articles about the efficacy of mushrooms this seemed like the best place to give this a try. Mushrooms saved my life, and they continue to save my life. The quality of being alive is almost at 100 percent now and I'm getting better everyday. It's apparent that increased neuro plasticity does take place, and this allows the mind to re expand beyond the trauma stepping out of the embedded neurologic freeze of looping thoughts, both conscious and unconscious that seemed for me to propagate this illness. Everything in my life has changed since my visit and I'm so deeply touched by the ability of this magical plant to heal others. I could relate to all of the staff, and the owners were folks that I had felt I'd known for years. The founder himself felt like a childhood friend, someone I had known my entire life, and I shared one of the most sacred and healing moments that I have ever had with him. The support he personally provided was filled with understanding and all of my needs were fully accommodated. The healing potential of this medicine actually dates back to before society became disconnected from it's spirituality and core of existence, back to indigenous tribes that provided similar support as myco does. I've seen 7 phychiatrists and 2 nuerologists and can honestly say they are too far behind the curve of life's great mystery to help heal folks like myself, and so when working with this sort of medicine it is simply outside of their wheelhouse despite their PH.D. which absolutely proves irrelavent in regards to the facilitation of this plant medicine. It is however in the wheelhouse of the Myco team because that is what they do, and the proof lies in my wellness, a wellness in which there was little to no hope that I would ever reach. I cannot stress enough the bond that I felt with the founder as well as the other owners. My relationships still continue with these folks and lives are being saved through the use of this medicine, mine certainly was. Lastly a great bond has been created between not only the staff and myself but our entire group that was visiting. I have stayed in touch with many attendees and we are now all supporting each other with love, understanding and have now formed a collective thanks to attending Mycomeditations. This was a 100 star experience for me and has again, both saved and changed my life.

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Visited Thursday, September 13th 2018

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