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Absolutely Amazing!

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



Because of length limitations, I reduced my review. I posted a more verbose version at: One of the biggest takeaways that I got from this experience was a sense that I cocreated a mental model within the trip space that was applicable to me outside of the trip space in my everyday life. While this mental model may be abstract if I tried to describe it to others, it makes perfect sense to me through all of the semantic hooks that I was able to generate during the trip. I cocreated these hooks and the mental model by querying the abstractions in my minds eye with the problems and the constraints that I felt in the real world. This process enabled me to generate a construct that stitched together all three trips into a single cohesive experience that provided me with a sense of wisdom. The sense of meaninglessness and injustice of the world now seems a naïve way of interpreting my experience. Instead, I realize the ebb and flow of the universe in a way that makes sense to me. And, I feel more capable of grappling with reality in a way that makes me feel light and fluid. This is a true blessing and one that I was not able to anticipate prior to the experience. I came away with a strong sense that mushrooms are misunderstood and as what usually takes place in history is that what is misunderstood is prohibited and taboo. This is unfortunate. I didn’t just see healing in myself. Those who had the same ceremony experience with me had healing and revelations as well. I watched those that struggled with sexual identity, fibromyalgia, trauma from sexual assault, depression, and a feeling like they didn’t belong in the world. After each trip, each one seemed more alive and congruent with themselves. From my experience, I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. I owe mushrooms, the facilitators and all of the supportive people in Jamaica a deep debt of gratitude. The world looks so much different now.

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Visited Saturday, August 24th 2019

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