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Life Altering Experience

Treasure Beach, Jamaica



My initial purpose for going to the Jamaica retreat was to experience spiritual awakening. Yet I came away with much more than I had ever imagined or could have hoped for. Below are a few of the things that allowed my journeys to be so life altering. • The guided meditations before each of the sessions were surprisingly and incredibly effective in helping me navigate my journeys through a safe passage! In fact, I am rather ashamed to say that I had purposely been an uncooperative meditator with a wondering mind. Nevertheless, my journeys were still fully influenced by the pre-session guided meditations! • Eric’s depth and wealth of knowledge of mushrooms and easy going demeanor was reassuring. It made me feel that I was in safe and capable hands. • The facilitators’ knowledge, compassion, relaxed and calm presence made me feel in the moment and took away all my anxieties and trepidations. I felt very safe and cocooned. • Through various activities, the facilitators encouraged group bonding at a deep level. The group experience was incredibly healing and rewarding. I would highly recommend this retreat.

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Visited Sunday, November 18th 2018

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