Our legal, psilocybin assisted retreats are held monthly in Jamaica. Our practice is a balance of the intuitive and intellectual making our psilocybin sessions and integration approachable and relevant to modern psychedelic explorers.
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Life Changing experience that continues today.
I attended a 10-day retreat at Myco in 2018. At age 59, it was my first experience with Psychedelics. As a therapist working with trauma survivors, I had been reading the research on the efficacy of Psychedelics for PTSD and I wanted to see for myself. I felt safely held by the skilled and compassionate staff. I burned through a tremendous amount of grief and childhood trauma, reconnected with the Divine, and received clarity regarding the direction of my life, both personally and professionally. I can’t overemphasize the importance of doing this work in a group setting. Eric Osborne is a skilled healer and the facilitators were compassionate and understood how to work in the mushroom space. I made wonderful friends at the retreat and we continue as supports to one another. I am profoundly grateful I chose Mycomeditations as my first psychedelic experience!