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The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Málaga, Spain



Working with Dragonfly has been an exceptional experience. The purity of their desire to help is equal to none. Simply put, a genuine desire for you to connect with the divine you. The final unravelling. The combination of Ayahuasca and Bufo was simply amazing, especially Bufo was beyond words. It was like observing, feeling, being God, just for a couple of minutes.. to show what can be ours and will be ours eventually, as it is you, as we are droplets of God. Millenia have gone by to lead us to this point in time.. where the final transformation is happening. Thank you Dragonfly for your service in helping people to transform themselves, to let go of all conditioning, beliefs of who we are, and realise that we are part of all that there is. My recent experiences visually showed the process of entering the "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth". Many of my previous experiences were very biblical, seeing the white light, healing energy beaming from my hands, the ego death and all leading to a point, the point of no return. It connected me with Christ consciousness in a unique way and ignited that connection which is now unbreakable. Although there is still a lot of work to be done to stay on the path, it is inevitable. It's like turning on the magnetism that you cannot stop. Divine Union. Thank you again for creating the setting to allow this to happen.

Visited Thursday, December 10th 2020

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