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Experience you will never forget!

Málaga, Spain



This is indeed a life-changing experience that you will relive over and over again every time you remember it. From the point when I didn’t know and didn’t hear about Ayahuasca literally nothing till point when for a very short period of the time, I began to hear about Aya from everywhere. Various events, from different people, the Internet, TV .. At one moment I realized that this was a call. Thanks to my colleague, I found out about the retreat with the wonderful, healing and transformation name “Dragonfly” and of course I attended it. There was fear, agony, doubts, occasional personal news that made me think of cancel it, and fear again. But I made up my mind! Whatever I was going through at that moment, I would not change even a piece of this experience for nothing! This experience absolutely makes it clear that all fear, worries and suffering are not important, all what what is important is the faith and love that lives in each of us and with which we are born! And the Dragonfly gives you this love during the whole process and believe me, you will feel this love and warmth for a very long time afterwards. It is very important to feel safe when working with a grandmother and the Dragonfly gave this feeling 100%. Special thanks to facilitators Fernando and Virginia, host Steve and Arron. I can not imagine my first “journey” with someone else. Endless Love and Gratitude!

Participants in ceremony: 11

Facilitators in ceremony: 2

Participants per Facilitator: 5.5



The accommodation was nice with no doubts. The only problem shared rooms, which caused some inconvenience.


Best facilities I could experience with. Was feeling with them relaxed and lots of care.


Can not convey. It’s like a life, harsh but beautiful at same time. A start to be grateful for who I am and for the life I live.




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Visited Thursday, March 24th 2022

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