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Kambo at home

Málaga, Spain



I approached Arron for Kambo treatment as I had been feeling really stagnant, lost and sick of feeling sick. I have been deeply moved by the power of the medicine and the multi dimensional layers of benefits I have experienced. On a physical level I feel more energetic, have overcome sugar cravings and I feel able to maintain daily self care routines. I can see my limiting habits clearly and approach myself with understanding rather than judgement. I received clarity on why I had certain patterns of self sabotaging behaviour, which I have spent nearly a decade in therapy trying to unpack- with no real results there. A huge shift has taken place. The medicine has helped me be certain about my boundaries and decisive about what I truly want in life. Arron has a stillness and directness, which put me at ease and allowed me to express myself without fear. He compassionately held the space and motivated me to reach directly into the core of issues that arose during each session with firm honesty and clarity. I couldn’t recommend doing 3 sessions within 21 days more. A million times, thank you!

Number of Participants in ceremony: 1


At home treatment, meant I was relaxed and could surrender to the experience without worrying about travel etc.


N/A no overnight stay- I was at home


Arron is compassionate, knowledgable, honest and welcoming.


Kambo has shifted so much for me that I feel more in touch with myself and like I am creating the life I want.




Booking process

Follow up integration

Arron checked in regularly after the ceremony and showed genuine care

Visited Saturday, November 19th 2022

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