Dragonfly is an international organisation focussing on inner transformation of the individual. We support each participant in delving deeply to the roots of their being, to view themselves honestly and neutrally, from a state of clarity and centredness.
We offer Kambo sessions in the UK along with meditation, yoga, breathwork, and trauma release sessions, as well as retreats in Europe and South America with plant medicines such as ayahuasca, bufo alvarius, and yopo.
We also offer integration on a one to one and group basis for those who have had an experience elsewhere and feel they require additional support.

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Ayahuasca (caapi & chacruna / chaliponga), Bufo alvarius (natural), Kambo

LocationAround 50 minutes drive away from Malaga Airport

How to get thereTransfers provided from airport, and location provided on booking

Accommodation and facilities

8 double rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Live and pre-recorded music is played, depending on the needs of the group

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake processA medical doctor assesses each participant upon registering to ensure fitness to participate

The center provides a follow up integration processZoom interviews and WhatsApp chats are provided to each participant as required

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentAyahuasca sessions are followed by in-depth integration sessions, helping each individual to become conscious of the limiting beliefs affecting them in day to day life, and to move beyond them, into a new perspective. As well as psychotherapeutic integration, we use many tools such as yoga, meditation, family constellations, breathwork, biodance, and dynamics to deepen the integration process.

The center provides treatment for physical illnessesAyahuasca and Kambo sessions are available for healing of physical ailments


Arron - facilitator - 5 years experience of running retreats Vanessa - facilitator - 5 years experience of running retreats

Group Size

Maximum 12 persons per group


Maximum 12 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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17 Reviews

I first came across dragonfly at the beginning of 2020 while looking for a trustworthy kambo facilitator. After a number of very difficult years in my life I felt very lost and alone. The first experience was my kambo treatment and to be honest was feeling very nervous leading up to the treatment. As soon as Arron arrived he put me at ease straight away with his kind, gentle loving approach and I felt safe at at ease throughout the experience. This soon lead me to attending my first ayahuasca retreat. Once again for obvious reasons I was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect but with arron’s calm nature I soon relaxed and fully embraced the experience. At all times I felt safe and secure even though the first retreat was a very difficult journey for me. It was incredible how much past trauma I released over that weekend. The integration sessions following day for each ceremony we’re incredible. Arron was the perfect mirror helping me understand my experience in a firm but fair way and definitely excelled my expectations. I have now attended 4 retreats with dragonfly and soon to attend another and look forward to many more. I have also had 5 bufo sessions with Arron and at all times knew I was in very safe hands while experiencing this incredible medicine. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending dragonfly and Arron and look forward to many more years stepping into the unknown as the growth I have already experienced is mind blowing. Thank you Dragonfly and Arron for making me understand myself and believing in myself like never before you have assisted me in turning my life around. With love Scott

- visited 3 years ago

I have been aware of ayahuasca for some years but never felt inclined to travel alone to South America or to participate in what I felt to be vastly overpriced retreats closer to home. So when I was introduced to Dragonfly in March 2020 I jumped at the opportunity! Obviously nervous before the first ceremony, I was reassured by Arrons calm gentle demeanour. In fact from the first voice mail he left me I was in no doubt as to his genuine care, authenticity, ability to both hold space and challenge as necessary. My confidence in him has proved well founded both as facilitator and in offering integration. My personal experiences with the plant medicines - I have now drunk ayahuasca 11 times and been given Kambo and Bufo - have been extraordinary to say the least. My first ceremony left me feeling total absolute unconditional love for my mother that I had not had contact with for 40 years. It was no coincidence that she passed away only a couple of weeks later. From there my experience of self and love and my role in life has gotten deeper, simpler and more profound all at once. I am of course infinitely grateful for all I have been given and do not hesitate in recommending Arron and Dragonfly to all who are called. 🙏💫💜

- visited 3 years ago

This was a life changing experience. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done but also one of the best. Although tired after the 4 days I felt strongly that I wanted to change my life for the better. The facilitators were great and I would highly recommend

- visited 2 years ago

Working with Dragonfly has been an exceptional experience. The purity of their desire to help is equal to none. Simply put, a genuine desire for you to connect with the divine you. The final unravelling. The combination of Ayahuasca and Bufo was simply amazing, especially Bufo was beyond words. It was like observing, feeling, being God, just for a couple of minutes.. to show what can be ours and will be ours eventually, as it is you, as we are droplets of God. Millenia have gone by to lead us to this point in time.. where the final transformation is happening. Thank you Dragonfly for your service in helping people to transform themselves, to let go of all conditioning, beliefs of who we are, and realise that we are part of all that there is. My recent experiences visually showed the process of entering the "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth". Many of my previous experiences were very biblical, seeing the white light, healing energy beaming from my hands, the ego death and all leading to a point, the point of no return. It connected me with Christ consciousness in a unique way and ignited that connection which is now unbreakable. Although there is still a lot of work to be done to stay on the path, it is inevitable. It's like turning on the magnetism that you cannot stop. Divine Union. Thank you again for creating the setting to allow this to happen.

- visited 2 years ago

An amazing experience with Arron and Hanna. I enjoyed every minute of the retreat, everything was held so beautifully, intelligently and with so much love. I feel deeply changed by what I experienced and no words can express my gratitude for what was created that weekend.

- visited 2 years ago

Dragonfly provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment to heal and release what no longer serves you. Thank you!

- visited 2 years ago

Beautiful experience from start to finish, profesional and welcoming team of very friendly people. Well I say Beautiful from start to finish, there are tough and uncomfortable moments within but confronting these is absolutely necessary to come out the other side a slightly better human. My experience was profound, it's really opened me up to feel love and life with greater depth. I would highly recommend, it has added a new sparkle to my world :-)

- visited 2 years ago

Over the course of 2 weeks I did Kambo 3 times and attended a 3 day Ayahuasca retreat with Dragonfly. I had never done anything like it before and was very anxious but Arron was really supportive and reassuring and always willing to discuss any concerns I had and answer any questions in the run up to it. The first day Arron arrived for the Kambo session he immediately put me at ease. He held such a beautiful space for me during the process and was so insightful when discussing things that came up. I felt more confident about attending the retreat after experiencing the Kambo with Arron but was still very apprehensive about going. Arron again was so supportive and really helped me get past my anxieties. I had some really difficult experiences with the Ayahuasca but Arron and Fernando were both absolutely amazing with me and held me in such a safe and loving space throughout. Although I had a difficult time, the insights I gained from the experience and the changes I have already made in my life are amazing and I would happily go through it all again. Arron has continued to be incredibly supportive following the retreat and helped me to process things that are continuing to come up. The work that he is doing is really life changing and I can't recommend him enough. You couldn't be in better hands to be guided through this process if you are ready to take that step.

- visited a year ago

It was my first experience of taking Ayahuasca I can honestly say I feel re born . My partner took his own life a year ago and I have struggled desperately to get over it . After the 2 day retreat I definitely found closure and feel I can now move on with my life . I have also suffered for years with anxiety and get terrible pains in my stomach at least 3 times a week I’ve had every test snd scan under the sun only to find no cure . It’s 4 weeks now since the retreat snd I e not had one pain or felt any anxiety. The whole experience has changed my life for the better . Everyone can benefit from the medicine it should be made compulsory and the world would be a much better place 🙏🙏

- visited a year ago

This is indeed a life-changing experience that you will relive over and over again every time you remember it. From the point when I didn’t know and didn’t hear about Ayahuasca literally nothing till point when for a very short period of the time, I began to hear about Aya from everywhere. Various events, from different people, the Internet, TV .. At one moment I realized that this was a call. Thanks to my colleague, I found out about the retreat with the wonderful, healing and transformation name “Dragonfly” and of course I attended it. There was fear, agony, doubts, occasional personal news that made me think of cancel it, and fear again. But I made up my mind! Whatever I was going through at that moment, I would not change even a piece of this experience for nothing! This experience absolutely makes it clear that all fear, worries and suffering are not important, all what what is important is the faith and love that lives in each of us and with which we are born! And the Dragonfly gives you this love during the whole process and believe me, you will feel this love and warmth for a very long time afterwards. It is very important to feel safe when working with a grandmother and the Dragonfly gave this feeling 100%. Special thanks to facilitators Fernando and Virginia, host Steve and Arron. I can not imagine my first “journey” with someone else. Endless Love and Gratitude!

- visited a year ago

I returned home a few days ago from my first Ayahausca retreat with Arron and Vanessa / Dragonfly. The retreat experience was overwhelmingly positive- I feel blown wide open , I feel completely alive , uplifted and inspired, I feel deeply connected to life… Throughout the retreat I felt safe and well cared for, in the integrations I felt respected and heard - it was a lot like group therapy and the support of the group certainly helped facilitate my process. I have no doubt ayahausca is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s deep work. But for those looking for a sound group to sit with these guys are great. I will no doubt return to Dragonfly again in the future…

- visited 7 months ago

I spent four days with Arron and Vanessa earlier this month. This was my third retreat with Vanessa and my second with Arron. I drank the plant medicine on four nights and underwent a kambo treatment. The retreat was provided in a clean and spacious environment located a reassuring distance from civilisation. Arron and Vanessa provided a warm and informal reception to both new and returning attendees. Ceremonies typically commenced around 20:00, and administration of the medicine was preceded by a meditation or activity which varied night to night. We received the medicine typically after 22:00. Being an "early bird", I struggled with the late start and finish to the ceremonies. Breakfast was served in the morning in an informal manner, after which we typically spent two or more hours in an integration session discussing our experiences and the emotions they brought. Lunch was served after integration, and an light dinner was served in the evening before the ceremony commences. Vegetarian and vegan options were provided. Each retreat brings new experiences, and one night at Dragonfly was particularly extraordinary. A lady confronting a terminal diagnosis had a powerful reaction to the medicine. I was tremendously impressed to observe the calm professionalism displayed by both facilitators helping this lady work through a long and challenging process for which she herself was unprepared. The energy in the room that night was electric, and when I found myself undergoing a surprising and unexpected prolonged physical purge, I felt completely safe under the care of Arron and Vanessa. Arron and Vanessa demonstrate empathy in integration, while being unafraid to challenge those who aren't quite able to see what may be holding them back. I always find integration excruciating, but at this retreat I felt safe to be completely honest about my experiences and perspectives. While Arron had announced at the start of the retreat that he would not be offering kambo, he offered it to me based on my particular circumstances. I accepted, and was surprised to find in the subsequent hours that this medicine offered me a path to some understanding of personal long-seated demons. Critically though, this understanding was seeded by conversations I had had in previous days with other attendees. There are no random collisions, and everything that happened on this retreat was absolutely meant to be. For the first time in the days after a retreat, I have a clear sense of the changes I must make in my life. For this, I am eternally grateful to Arron and Vanessa for providing this experience.

- visited 7 months ago

I went for 3 nights and had had an incredible experience. It was amazing how the facilitators spent hours with us in integration to break through/ reframe our limiting beliefs, stuck emotions. The location was in a tranquil spot which was an ideal place to relax and reflect. Even the other attendees were wonderful and created an interwoven experience where we all grew together.

- visited 7 months ago

This was a really well held space, the facilitators have got you and you really feel that, from the ceremonies, music choices, integration sessions, you know you are safe. If Lauren is cooking you’re in for a treat, good home cooked veggie food, simply delish! Aaron will challenge you, which can feel difficult but you just know it comes from a good heart, and Fernando holds you in a gentle embrace all the way through. I’ve truly benefited from this experience and will definitely be returning!

- visited 6 months ago

I approached Arron for Kambo treatment as I had been feeling really stagnant, lost and sick of feeling sick. I have been deeply moved by the power of the medicine and the multi dimensional layers of benefits I have experienced. On a physical level I feel more energetic, have overcome sugar cravings and I feel able to maintain daily self care routines. I can see my limiting habits clearly and approach myself with understanding rather than judgement. I received clarity on why I had certain patterns of self sabotaging behaviour, which I have spent nearly a decade in therapy trying to unpack- with no real results there. A huge shift has taken place. The medicine has helped me be certain about my boundaries and decisive about what I truly want in life. Arron has a stillness and directness, which put me at ease and allowed me to express myself without fear. He compassionately held the space and motivated me to reach directly into the core of issues that arose during each session with firm honesty and clarity. I couldn’t recommend doing 3 sessions within 21 days more. A million times, thank you!

- visited 4 months ago

I have been keen to try psychedelics for quite some time, fortunately I came across Dragonfly. Taking Ayahuasca or Bufo is not a small deal, although relatively safe it can be daunting so you need a safe environment with experienced facilitators. Well that’s what you’ll get here. All the team are great, professional and empathetic. Venue was great too as was all the food. So it’s a strong recommendation from me plus you’ll make a lot of new friends.

- visited 4 months ago

Wow what an experience! Arron and Vanessa created and held such a protective & loving space in order to really open my heart. Their expertise and knowledge really enabled me to feel relaxed and safe to go deep. Everyone’s needs were taking care of, and carefully thought out. Nothing was too much trouble. The facilitators are professional and incredibly trustworthy, I highly recommend anyone to their retreats, and know you will have a beautiful time, and make friends for life! I am forever grateful for my time there, and look forward to my next retreat! Thankyou Much love Tommy

- visited 10 days ago

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