Ayahuasca Peru • Casa de Curacion

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Ayahuasca Peru is a Shipibo Healing Center, considered one of the most important healing center in the peruvian amazon. For more than five years, this community of sacred medicine has developed several projects of native forest conservation, study and reassessment of traditional medicine Shipiba and Andina. We base on respect for life, cultural diversity, solidarity and reciprocity. Welcome to your home in the jungle.
The center is located in an area of 45 hectares of land on the Isla del Amor (Island of Love), a 10-minute boat ride from the city of Pucallpa, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes of the Amazon and river dolphins watch. We are in the habitat and original world of Ayahuasca: Pucallpa, the red soil, is the place where born and lives the most powerful Peru Ayahuasca.
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