Rooted Waters

We embark upon the road of healing to find that this path is equally challenging as it is bountiful. Each step taken is an act of love for the self, the earth we walk on and for future generations.
Rooted Waters provides intimate ceremonies in a beautiful environment. We make a priority of ensuring that each individual feels safe and cared for throughout the process. Every ceremony is unique, woven with song, prayer, ritual and integrative practices.
With traditional training as well as modern therapeutic counselling training, we offer a safe space honouring the Bwete culture, local traditional culture and our own ancestral cultures. Iboga speaks to us in a language understood by our personal, individual psyches, through the subconscious heart and mind. As your guides, we work with a variety of tools and teachings that we have gathered to support your process.
Rooted Waters offers pathways to healing through ceremony and integration support. Our way is rooted in creative process, nature connection, song, and prayer while holding compassion and respect at the heart of it.
Our Iboga Ceremonies, psychedelic therapy and Immersive Retreats are crafted with care and offer opportunities for healing and exploring the intricate nature of being human.

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Iboga root bark - Psilocybin mushrooms

LocationSalt spring island, Vancouver, Canada

How to get thereFerry, Plane, walking


Music that is played during session

There is a mix of traditionl / non traditional instruments that are played

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available nearbyHospital

The center conducts an intake processOur intake process first begins with a call. One we have talked then you will need to fill out an intake form about your life/health/intentions etc and receive a followup call.

The center provides a follow up integration processWe provide 2 followup integration calls as well as direct support friom our Rooted Waters Signal group. Within this group each participant can find each memeber of our team including 2 cousellors that are available for free/donation for anyone who needs more support.

The center provides ceremonies for personal development

The center provides treatment for psychological disorders

The center provides treatment for physical illnesses

The center provides treatment for addictions


Dimitri has 12 years of experience with Iboga.. He is also an addiction recovery coach, reiki master and is currently studying medical qigong. Coco has supported in ayahuasca ceremonies for 10 years and is an Art therapist, storyteller and martial artist.


Sustainable projectsPart of the profits of each ceremonies is used to fund different local BC indigenous groups as well as indigenous groups in Gabon and Congo.


Maximum 6 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

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