Juan Manuel Burgos

Since 2008 walking the Sacred Path of serving Mother Earth & Spirit and following their call and guidance, in devoted and committed dedication to support us remembering who we are, the healing of what limits our expression and discovering new ways of being with ourselves, our surroundings and one another.
On my journey, I went through a myriad of life initiations and rites of passage, moving through my own personal challenges & limitations, overcoming addiction, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, borderline personality disorder & cPTSD, and traversing many transformational experiences of all sorts, each giving me a gift and a blessing to carry on with renewed appreciation and gratitude for life and taking me to this present moment.
I have participated in and facilitated retreats, trainings & immersions in the fields of Shamanic Work, Plant Medicine, Music, Dance, Tantra, Yoga, Permaculture, Intimacy & Relationships, Somatic Healing and Shadow Work to name a few and continuously learning and expanding into new growing edges.
My intention is to support people awaken, connect and attune to their inner guidance, to feel at home in their bodies and heart, integrating all parts of themselves and finding their unique way of walking life in beauty, celebration, integrity, alignment, gratitude, joy, Love and right relation with all, creating and experiencing new ways of being within themselves, with others and the environment.
I bring together ancient wisdom and healing modalities with trauma-informed modern and alternative approaches to healing in a unique shape, blending science & tradition, Body-Heart-Mind & Spirit, that is coming from different fields and paths I have explored, experienced and learnt from, that I found supportive for my own healing and growth journey and also for the clients I worked with.
I create a safe and Sacred Container to welcome what’s alive and present in you and your life so it can be seen, held, heard and healed; specially created for you and where you're at, to arrive to a space of new found clarity, wholeness and integration and creating the foundations for moving forward in new ways.
That space and what I is a companion, a journey, not a quick-fix, that's meant to fast-track your healing process, being more of who you are and live a life of alignment, beauty, joy and gratitude.
I help people navigate challenging life situations & integrate peak and transformational experiences that touched the core of their being, find perspective, discover their gifts & blessings, coming on the other side with clarity, inspiration, perspective, feeling centered and empowered and bringing them into their lives in meaningful and down to Earth ways.
These are some of the areas I can support you with.
Plant Medicine Ceremony preparation & Plant Medicine Integration Sessions
Micro-Dosing Coaching
Sacred Space & Ceremony: Creation and facilitation
Navigating difficult & traumatic experiences
Personal Resiliency
Sexuality, Intimacy & relationships
Overcoming Anxiety, Stress & Burnout
Recovering from Addiction
Overcoming Depression
Processing grief & loss
These are all areas that I'm familiar and experienced with, as I myself have moved through some of the many ways they can show up in life.
My approach has a strong foundation on my personal experiences overcoming my own challenges and life initiations, having walked and mapped different aspects of the human experience through that journey, and along the way learning, discovering, practicing, integrating and embodying many resources, tools, teachings and practices that helped me shift my reality, coming from different traditions, bodies of work and modern & ancient healing modalities and approaches.
Moving from the shackles and restraints of depression, imprints from traumatic experiences, borderline personality disorder and addiction, to being in full charge and agency of my life, feeling free, expanded, inspired, grateful, renewed, purposeful and alive; with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude for life and propelling me into supporting others in their journeys of thriving and experience a better quality of living.
If this speaks to your heart in any way, feel welcomed to reach out. I'd love to connect and find the best way to support you in this moment.

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