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AYA Healing Retreats offer sacred plant medicine retreats in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon We draw upon the wealth of indigenous knowledge and healing wisdom of the Shipibo tribespeople native to this region to offer you a truly unique, authentic and life changing healing experience. We are committed to preserving the integrity of the ancient shamanic traditions and the sacred land we conduct our ceremonies on. We work with highly respected curanderos and curanderas who have been apprenticed from a young age in healing through sacred medicinal plants and remedies such as Ayahuasca and various Master Plants. In addition to our traditional healers, each of our facilitators have experienced powerful growth and transformation through sacred plant medicines, they are available to support you in boldly going to the edge of your courage and in integrating this work once you return to the day to day routine of life in your home country. We believe that the healing and insight we receive through working with sacred plant medicines compels us to use this newfound wisdom and compassion for good. We donate a percentage of our profits to two extraordinary NGO’s who are working to heal trauma throughout Nepal, Asia and to regenerate the Peruvian Amazon by strengthening indigenous communities to combat deforestation, discrimination and marginalisation. We are committed to doing everything possible to guarantee your safety whilst on retreat. In addition to have a superior first aid and emergency protocol, we have partnered with the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service to create a comprehensive medical screening process. Your safety and the safety of others is our first and most important priority. If, like us, you feel called to step into a more authentic and compassionate way of being, to let go of old patterns, limiting beliefs and to create a life you love, we invite you to contact one of our remarkable facilitators now to learn more about our retreats and the life changing potential of sacred plant medicine.

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This center is open since January 1st 2017


Sacred Ayahuasca brew with ONLY Ayahuasca Vine and Chacruna leaves Various Master Plants Dieta

Locationour home for the duration of your retreat is the Sui Sui Center. Sui Sui takes its name from the bird native to this region, the Sui Sui (Thraupis episcopus), which you can easily spot her and be enchanted by her sweet call in the early morning and evening. The centre is located on the banks of the picturesque Lake Cashibocacha, which is home to many species of birds, fish (including piranha) and monkeys. Many indigenous Shipibo communities also live around Lake Cashibocacha.

How to get thereOn the first morning of our 12-day long retreat, the AYA Healing Retreats team will collect you directly from your hotel or hostel accommodation in Pucallpa. If you are arriving in Pucallpa by plane the day the retreat is due to commence, please let us know well in advance and we can arrange to collect you from the local airport if arriving before 2pm. We will transport you and the other retreat participants by minibus and motorised canoe to the Sui Sui Centre. The journey to the Sui Sui Centre will take approximately 90 minutes.

Accommodation and facilities

11 single rooms

Transfer from airport is available.


Music that is played during session

Live music Shamanic Icaros and acoustic instruments

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available nearbyEquipping the camp with a superior grade first aid kit Offering 24-hour emergency transport to a local medical clinic Emergency outside assistance from medical staff in Pucallpa Rigorous medical screening for all guests Ensuring an after-ceremony sitter is available to care for and watch over participants until 4am in the morning following all ceremonies

The center has a psychological therapist available on-site

The center conducts an intake processWe are committed to providing the safest and most authentic sacred plant medicine healing experience in the Peruvian Amazon. Together with the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS) we have created the most comprehensive screening process available for our participants. Our dedication to creating the safest possible plant medicine journey ensures that each participant is given every opportunity to reach their true healing potential during their time with us.

The center provides a follow up integration processTwo Skype sessions 1 and 3 months following retreat with our qualified Somatic ExperiencingTM therapist * Facilitation by expertly trained and extensively experienced facilitator

The center provides ceremonies for personal development

The center provides treatment for psychological disorders

The center provides treatment for physical illnesses

The center provides treatment for addictions


Don Miguel, Maestra Juanita, Elio Geusa, Atira Tan


Sustainable projects- Alianza Arkana - Art to Healing Project

Group Size

Maximum 11 persons per group


Maximum 5 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

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