Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

5 - Based on 1 review1371 Hancock Lone Palm Rd, Orlando, FL 32828, USA

Soul Quest offers its church members ceremonial retreats for healing & personal evolution, with one of the most powerful shamanic medicines on the planet. With a professional and psycho-therapeutic approach that is reaching thousands all over the world, providing conclusive answers and real solutions to problems.
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I've been to Soul Quest a couple of times and look forward to returning. They are passionate about helping people heal through their ceremonies and take their jobs very seriously. They offer full ceremonies and also small semi-private sessions with members. Dr. Scott leads enthusiastic and sometimes ecstatic Holotropic Breathwork sessions. They have an exceptional team including EMT techs, Scott Irwin, Ph.D, loving volunteers, and sincere Tiato Pedro and Teresa when she is there. There are integration sessions and always someone nearby if you need assistance, to talk, or simply hold space. The entire healing weekend radiates love, non-judgment, care, and professionalism. I've been to Peru and this place is much better, IMO.