Thani Shamanic Retreat Center

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We are a clinic of Integrative Medicine in Cusco Peru, which use healing traditional therapies to heal sickness. Our retreats are supported by modern medicine specialist and skilled healer shamans that look for provide to our patients enough ways to cure physical,psychological,spiritual and emotional diseases. Also our retreats help to our patients to find motivation and find again their path to reach out a spiritual peace, this medicine is performed by experienced healer shamans from Andes and from the jungle who use their knowledge and powers to help people, Ayahuasca and Wachuma (San pedro) retreats treatments allow people discover their illness and sorrows, it helps us to find by ourselves answers and healings that we need. The origins of this psychoactive liana “Ayahuasca” are fuzzy and mysterious but grow in the Peruvian Amazon and was known by our ancestors who passed their knowledge from generation to generation seeking to provide a natural healing to their descendants. Our ayahuasca retreats are safe, medical professionals take care of our patients during the retreat; our healers shamans and medical personnel care for their welfare while ayahuasca does its job,Wachuma cactus was used anciently by preincas culture to connect with the world.

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