Ayahuasca Madre Tierra Portugal


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Ayahuasca Madre Tierra Portugal
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2 Reviews

People,warning! Dont ever go to this place.Portugal,Orgiva.Dont make cooperation with person who call herself Pola Vida.Too irresponsible people are making retreats into this place They put in trouble participants.They are agressive,nervous.They may abort your coming at the last moment.Take it very seriously.And warn others.

- visited 6 years ago

I had the opportunity to have an experience with Ayahuasca Madre Tierra Portugal, and not just once, three times. It was a very good journey and very healing. I have appreciated many aspects, the care that I received, the time, and the facilitors. Very important for me was the fact that nobody was trying to sell us a believe sistem. They were helping us, guiding us, but not trying to tell us what we should believe. No atempt to gain follwers, no spiritual manipulation, just help and genuine care. I am looking forward for a new experience.

- visited 4 years ago

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