La Mezquita

La Mezquita Retreat Centre is an amazing mediterranean old building right by the beach. It offers special retreats with a variety of different medicines from sacred plants to explore new depths in consciousness and allow deep healing in order to move forward to a new beginning in life. We do San Pedro, Ayahuasca and Psilocybin. Our retreats are aimed at people looking for an internal self-knowledge and spiritual self-healing. They gives you clarity and a high connection with heart and nature.
We will start the retreat cleansing the body with a nice alkaline diet, all plant-based to allow for a gentle detoxification of the body. It will be light but nourishing to avoid feeling heavy or lethargic. We will enjoy some revitalising Kundalini yoga. Non practitioners will be fine with the practice as we will work with easy but efficient kriyas to balance the chakras. The plant medicines will be used in conjunction with drums, gongs, guided relaxation, breathwork, aroma therapy, mindfulness, kriyas and other chakra opening techniques.

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This center is open since September 1st 2017


San Pedro, Ayahusca, Psilocybin, Smoke cleanse, sound and music therapy, gong bath, chanting, body work, breath work. guided relaxation, yoga

LocationWe are by the beach, and close to the surrounding mountains

How to get thereYou need to come to Alicante, Spain. from there we can arrange how to get here in more details.

Accommodation and facilities

2 double rooms

3 dorm rooms


Music that is played during session

Live music is played during the ceremony. We'd love you particiate in our music therapy can participate as it evokes the healing process

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available nearbyHospital and local health centre

The center conducts an intake processWe give you an evaluation interview before you come to the retreat

The center provides a follow up integration processWe do follow up sessions via the web, skype, chat.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentWe evoke the inner strength in you.

The center provides treatment for psychological disordersOur treatments you come to understand where your depression and addiction comes from. We aid you by helping you know and love yourself more. We assit you in nututring yourself.

The center provides treatment for addictionsSan Pedro has been used in ancient times relieve addiction. San Pedro and guided meditations while on the substance to work on the subconciuos level. Countrywalks and contact with nature helps you understand that you are interconnected with all things. This close contact with oneness helps you release the suffering that causes addiction.


Sanson has been learning from the mystical Wachuma for the last 5 years and has been growing it for as long. Its psychedelic and entheogen compound is the mescaline. The Wachuma has no contraindications and it is lighter than the Ayahuasca. During the Wachuma ceremony, Sanson plays music and sings to help people connect with their heart and to get unified with their inner divinity. He is very much aware of the importance of the ceremony settings to ensure participants feel secure and comfortable, as well as to minimize outside distractions. The place will be set with lot of love, care and wisdom. The main part of the ceremony takes place in nature as the cactus causes a complete union with mother earth. The gongs, drums and other instruments also reconfort the circle and help bringing and learning valuable lessons to all during this amazing spiritual experience. Sanson is also a devoted yoga practitioner with over 15 years experience and was the founder of the Psychedelic Society in Alicante. For additional info, please check the following episode of Healing Powers on the curative nature of San Pedro.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 12 persons per group


The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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1 Review

The place was a nice location. Some of the participants came late. Ceremony started in the late evening and still participants came late. This is unacceptable as then we all had to wait for the late comers. They had plenty of time to get here Not only that but they also disrespected the ceremony room as before and after they put their shoes on. Perhaps they didn't know. Finally we were all made to drink the medicine from the same cup. So I had to drink from the same cup that others had drank from and people after me had to do the same. This was disgusting. We are living in covid times and to drink from the same cup. We weren't even given an option. Even if there is no covid we should have been given the option To have a separate cup. I don't even share cups with my family so why would this place think this is acceptable to share with strangers. It was really off-putting . Even if I'd wanted another dose, I would have felt disgusted as it been the same cup Also the next day people came late for dinner, and there needs to be a gap from eating and taking the medicine.this also impacted on its affects. I felt that the eating times and start ceremony should have been more organised. It was too relaxed in terms of time keeping. One of the people who works there seemed a bit abrupt. If this place is improved especially with the cups , time keeping , then there is hope

- visited 3 months ago

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