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“Our way of working is guiding people lovingly to the depths of their soul. Our life’s work is to support people in (re)discovering their essence and bringing it to life.”
People who choose to go on an inner voyage with The Sacred Voyage are opting for a professional organization with over fifteen years of experience working with inner child processes, transformational breathwork and plant medicines. We have experience in working with Ayahuasca, Voyahuasca, psilocybine, Iboga, San Pedro and Peyote. The focus during a voyage is personal self-investigation and processing trauma within a safe setting. We work with experienced guides and ceremonial leaders trained in our own Soul Coach (international) training. Safety, trust and personal connection are key words in our work. Our participants come from all over the world.

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Voyahuasca Ayahuasca Huachuma

LocationWe work in several locations in The Netherlands and Portugal

How to get thereFlying to Amsterdam, Schiphol airport and from there with train or carpool depending on venue of retreat or training


Music that is played during session

Depending on kind of ceremony: Music connecting to your soul, ambient down tempo, live music, own productions (piano, chakra meditation, aum meditation)

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake processWe always ask for filling in intake form to be sure of no contra indications and to be able to guide you in a safe and proper way concerning your background. In individual ceremonies always personal intake (telphone, zoom). Without intake no entrance to ceremonies.

The center provides a follow up integration processIf needed personal coaching sessions, tips for integration

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentPeople who are willing to dive into their inner world for (trauma) healing and insights. You not only book a ceremony. We provide a whole package for preparation and healing, ceremony and integration during a retreat.


Tanja Faber-Baetsen, teacher, trainer, coach, ceremonial leader for over 15 years. A lot of trainings in personal development like voice dialogue, focusing, dance, voice expression, wheel of consent and much more. She is experienced by voyagers as a very loving, caring, straight and experienced leader and woman. More ceremonial leaders to be found on our website or

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant


The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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5 Reviews

I have so far enjoyed 3 different Ayahuasca retreats with the sacred voyage - the first 2 were in 2019 then another retreat in 2020. Being from the U.K Europe was convenient and I liked the look of what I had seen on you tube regarding the Sacred Voyage. The initial preparation for ceremony is absolutely top-class. When you arrive you feel welcome and safe right from the start and Tanya and the team then proceed to prepare you for your voyage with heart dancing and other exercises and techniques and also breath work sessions. They have it all down to such a fine art that by ceremony time I have always felt open, receptive and prepared for my time with Ayahuasca. About the ceremonies themselves - firstly I would like to say I have found the medicine strong and I can honestly say my experiences were on a completely different level to what I had previously experienced in retreats in South America. During the ceremony itself you are cared for by the team of guides and the team leader who I have found without exception on every occasion to be capable, with a loving presence of strength and acceptance. Beautiful Angels - each and every one! Lastly I would like to comment on the music that is played during ceremony. It is amazing and added a whole new dimension to my voyages. Anyone who has ever taken Ayahuasca will probably agree that it is not an easy process. You never get what you want but rather what you need! I have achieved undreamt of growth and fulfillment in my life at every level. Ayahuasca is literally like a fast forward mechanism where you get to learn things in moments that you may have been struggling to fathom for your entire life! I am so grateful to Ayahuasca and the Sacred Voyage and feel I honoured to have travelled with them.

- visited 3 years ago

Lars and Tanja taught me so much! I got to know myself in their sacred space and am so happy to be part of this community. This is THE company i redirect everyone to who wants to dive deep. Much love, Jennneke

- visited a year ago

The Sacred Voyage and ayahuasca guided me with so much love and dedication to the medicine plants to my deepest inner self, full of selflove. The ptsd I suffered from, healed with their support and profound knowledge of the inner child. The first day I came we did Heartdancing: at first I was hesitant about the dancing part. But it braught me to a deeper connection with myself and the other participants. The breathwork before the ceremony helped me to be ready for the teaching of the medicine plants. I could surrender .... the 2017 Summer retreat was called: Live the Life of your Dreams. And wow! Magic happened. I am living the life of my dreams now. After this experience I wanted to learn more about myself and being a guide. They have a very professional Soul Coach training. The aftercare is also very well being taken care of. I belong to the Tribe, not only of The Sacred Voyage, also the Human Tribe, a deep sense of belonging, I am allowed to BE who I am. On this beautiful planet Earth. I highly recommend The Sacred Voyage. I felt safe to start the Life of my Dreams. And when I hear the calling I Voyage with The Sacred Voyage.

- visited a year ago

The Sacred Voyage has truly changed my life. For a long time, I had been considering joining a psychedelic retreat but it felt scary. I finally decided to go with them, after reading the free book written by the founder, Lars. As I was progressing in the book, I had the feeling that this was exactly the kind of mindset that I required. However, this had not prepared me for the love, the care and the deep presence I felt from the guides over there. The first retreat was really profound for me as the great structure and support brought me exactly what I needed to let go and begin my transformation. It started a process within me which has unfolded over many years and has basically brought everything that was hidden to the surface. Over the years, I came back there again and again, for many retreats. Each time, I found the same kind of professionalism, deep care, love and presence that provide exactly what is necessary (in my opinion) for an individual to embrace a journey with confidence. Whatever arose in me was welcomed and anytime it became too challenging, I found a hand to hold or an ear to express my suffering. Thank you, The Sacred Voyage, for the Great and necessary Work you are doing in this world.

- visited 7 years ago


- visited a year ago

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