Review for The Sacred Voyage - De Gewijde Reis

Sacred Voyage. Heartfelt thanks to Tanya,Lars and the team.

Mezenlaan, 2566 Den Haag, Nederland



I have so far enjoyed 3 different Ayahuasca retreats with the sacred voyage - the first 2 were in 2019 then another retreat in 2020. Being from the U.K Europe was convenient and I liked the look of what I had seen on you tube regarding the Sacred Voyage. The initial preparation for ceremony is absolutely top-class. When you arrive you feel welcome and safe right from the start and Tanya and the team then proceed to prepare you for your voyage with heart dancing and other exercises and techniques and also breath work sessions. They have it all down to such a fine art that by ceremony time I have always felt open, receptive and prepared for my time with Ayahuasca. About the ceremonies themselves - firstly I would like to say I have found the medicine strong and I can honestly say my experiences were on a completely different level to what I had previously experienced in retreats in South America. During the ceremony itself you are cared for by the team of guides and the team leader who I have found without exception on every occasion to be capable, with a loving presence of strength and acceptance. Beautiful Angels - each and every one! Lastly I would like to comment on the music that is played during ceremony. It is amazing and added a whole new dimension to my voyages. Anyone who has ever taken Ayahuasca will probably agree that it is not an easy process. You never get what you want but rather what you need! I have achieved undreamt of growth and fulfillment in my life at every level. Ayahuasca is literally like a fast forward mechanism where you get to learn things in moments that you may have been struggling to fathom for your entire life! I am so grateful to Ayahuasca and the Sacred Voyage and feel I honoured to have travelled with them.

Participants in ceremony: 20

Facilitators in ceremony: 7

Participants per Facilitator: 2.857142857142857


Good facilities.




Outstanding. knowledgeable, compassionate, attentive supportive.


Excellent. Very strong. Normally 1 x cup enough!




Excellent. Front doors locked, guides always in attendance.



Booking process


Follow up integration

Never needed personally but was available if required.

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