Review for The Sacred Voyage - De Gewijde Reis

A beautiful mix between shamanic and western culture, sparkling with love.

Mezenlaan, 2566 Den Haag, Nederland



The Sacred Voyage has truly changed my life. For a long time, I had been considering joining a psychedelic retreat but it felt scary. I finally decided to go with them, after reading the free book written by the founder, Lars. As I was progressing in the book, I had the feeling that this was exactly the kind of mindset that I required. However, this had not prepared me for the love, the care and the deep presence I felt from the guides over there. The first retreat was really profound for me as the great structure and support brought me exactly what I needed to let go and begin my transformation. It started a process within me which has unfolded over many years and has basically brought everything that was hidden to the surface. Over the years, I came back there again and again, for many retreats. Each time, I found the same kind of professionalism, deep care, love and presence that provide exactly what is necessary (in my opinion) for an individual to embrace a journey with confidence. Whatever arose in me was welcomed and anytime it became too challenging, I found a hand to hold or an ear to express my suffering. Thank you, The Sacred Voyage, for the Great and necessary Work you are doing in this world.

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The webshop, at the time, was a bit archaic and required to purchase two different tickets. However this was a minor inconvenience ;)

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