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Professional and loving guiding

Mezenlaan, 2566 Den Haag, Nederland



The Sacred Voyage and ayahuasca guided me with so much love and dedication to the medicine plants to my deepest inner self, full of selflove. The ptsd I suffered from, healed with their support and profound knowledge of the inner child. The first day I came we did Heartdancing: at first I was hesitant about the dancing part. But it braught me to a deeper connection with myself and the other participants. The breathwork before the ceremony helped me to be ready for the teaching of the medicine plants. I could surrender .... the 2017 Summer retreat was called: Live the Life of your Dreams. And wow! Magic happened. I am living the life of my dreams now. After this experience I wanted to learn more about myself and being a guide. They have a very professional Soul Coach training. The aftercare is also very well being taken care of. I belong to the Tribe, not only of The Sacred Voyage, also the Human Tribe, a deep sense of belonging, I am allowed to BE who I am. On this beautiful planet Earth. I highly recommend The Sacred Voyage. I felt safe to start the Life of my Dreams. And when I hear the calling I Voyage with The Sacred Voyage.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 16


The Sacred Voyage rents different locations. All locations I visited felt home.



Lars and Tanja are very experienced and loving, openhearted teachers with profound knowledge they pass on to others in a beautiful way.


Both Ayahuasca and Voyahuasca are profound natural teachers



The loving welcoming of all people can be felt deeply.


Booking process

Follow up integration

Tanja and the team always connected me when I had a question.

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