About Us We are a transdisciplinary team of experienced guides from many different backgrounds, sharing a vision of creating an accessible and inclusive space, sensitive towards gender and identity diversity. We combine traditional and contemporary approaches, along with a deep focus on creative and somatic practices, where both seasoned explorers and new initiates from different walks of life can experience the potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, self-inquiry and personal growth.
We believe that meaningful psychedelic experiences are achieved with the help of dedicated space-holding guides and as a facet of an integrated supportive programme. That’s why we’ve gathered specialists from around the world, from medical doctors to spiritual advisors, psychotherapists to naturopaths, yoga teachers to art therapists – all here to facilitate a safe and expansive experience.
Psilocybin The effects of Psilocybin, the bioactive compound in magic mushrooms and truffles, are wide reaching and multi-faceted. We have many years’ experience in working with this substance in a multitude of diverse settings. As the frontiers of psychedelic research continue to expand, we stay on the forefront with new and unique innovations for safest practice and up to date application. Featured as an aspect of our integrative program, we have witnessed the great potential of working with this substance for processes of self-inquiry and connection many times.
Our Bodies We believe that the body is a vehicle of awareness, and movement is its primary language. Taking the time to disconnect from daily routines and tune in to our body-wisdom allows us the space to connect to a much needed sense of softening and vulnerability. In these states, we can safely explore our inner workings, gaining deeper insight into the shadow realms that harbour the keys to our self acceptance, our fears and our doubts. It is both our personal and professional experience that creative processes, arts and holistic bodywork, when part of a comprehensive integrative program, are indispensable catalysts to self-discovery and development.
With the assistance of psychedelic tools, we unite with and cherish our bodies, using expressions such as dance, movement and authentic voice, through which we embody our emotions and deeply connect with ourselves and with others. Many cultures recognize the great importance of grounding touch. Simple physical contact can be extremely supportive when done safely and consensually with clear expression of boundaries. In our work, we broaden the meaning and application of nurturing touch to help release the build-up of stress in our individual and collective nervous systems.
On Identities As the field of Psychedelic Sciences continues to unfold and reveal an ever-growing list of benefits for body and mind, we are deeply grateful to the countless generations of shamans, healers and curanderxs from across the globe who practiced and developed this work for millennia. For years uncountable, open-hearted tribes and traditional healers have been sharing their deep knowledge of plant medicine and their message of community connection. Inspired, we are resolved to face and meet the challenges present in our own era - integrating plant wisdom into a modern, globalized culture.
We recognize the need to create contexts that respond to life’s diversity and transcend the restrictions imposed by social norms. By creating safe and supportive spaces, we aim to alleviate the threats non-normative communities face when opening up to the world. It is our community’s mission to create environments where being oneself is acknowledged and supported and different identities of gender, sexuality are embraced. We equip participants with the tools to explore their own path of peace and liberation, while supporting them through transparency and non-judgment.
The Kiyumi Equity Program In line with our vision of building an intergenerational, inclusive and mixed platform, we aim to provide equitable access to safe psychedelic experiences to everyone. As well as offering a pricing scale to accommodate people from different financial backgrounds we are now offering fully funded scholarship positions as well.
At Kiyumi, we recognize that certain communities have been historically underrepresented in the psychedelic field. Our Equity Program is aimed to serve people who would otherwise not be able to afford participating in a Kiyumi program.
We welcome applications from all perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, however members of the following groups are especially encouraged to apply :
Members of LGBTIQ+ communities. Members of ethnic minorities. Persons with a deep financial need. Persons at the beginning of their career with a professional interest in psychedelics or whose experience may impact their potential to cause positive change.
Participants of the equity program will be invited to make a nominal contribution and to provide a testimonial about their experience after the retreat. Kiyumi covers the cost of the retreat and accommodation, however transportation costs and the purchase of the truffles will need to be covered by the participants themselves.
To cover the costs of the Scholarships, Kiyumí has started the affiliate Kiyumí Equity Fund. Part of our income from high- and middle income fees of regular participants are dedicated to support this initiative and we welcome any donations from our community to support this initiative.
To apply for a spot in the equity program please send us an application via the form on our website, select the ‘equity program’ option and follow the instructions from there.

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LocationWe host retreats at three different locations, close to Amsterdam for easy access but far enough to escape the city bustle. We are located in the middle of greenery in the Land of Yemaya, Meeuwenveen and Centrum Athanor.

How to get thereWe will travel to our retreat locations together, but we will send you the address upon your booking confirmation.

Medical and safety

The center has medical facilities available nearby

The center has a psychological therapist available on-site

The center conducts an intake process

The center provides a follow up integration process

The center provides ceremonies for personal development


Amit Elan | Visionary Director | Facilitator Dr. Julia Javkin, PhD | Psychiatrist | Screening Director Lisa Wessing | MA Clinical Psychologist | Facilitator Guillaume Dardenne | Somatic Practitioner | Facilitator Faye Shapiro | Voice - Body Healing | Facilitator Irene Pérez Méndez | Art therapist / TRE / Facilitator Públio Valle | Integration Therapist | Facilitator


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Group Size

Maximum 16 persons per group


Maximum 16 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

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