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So much politics here




After all, we are in the era where most information are lies. Media, news most of it has a politics behind. And all of this story about the Cofan is the same thing. Taita Querubin’s son was actually often visiting the group in Madrid to share his medicine, so clearly all of this is just a political contrast. Unfortunately, nobody knows about the hidden interest behind the demonization of Ayahuasca International, probably the best company out there to support your process of evolution. And of course all the smaller groups, who agree with whatever they hear that would bring water to their own mill. Idealizing shamanic world is also pure self deceit because you have shamans and shamans. As you have group and group. Open your eyes people, before picturing the devil somewhere, because what you are picturing is your own projection, and what you are really demonizing is yourself. On the other hand, on top of it, you are serving AI with all of this free publicity, which they actually deserve. Not many people actually know that they actually are working beyond the medicines, and that they recently released a documentary series about the evolutionary power of language called “the sixth power”. You can watch it ok VIMEO and clear your mind on who you are really demonizing...

Participants in ceremony: 20

Facilitators in ceremony: 3

Participants per Facilitator: 6.666666666666667


Barcelona Epicenter



Three wonderful people


Was just what I needed




Booking process


Follow up integration

It went very deep and very quickly. My life transformed after this.

Disturbing reports associated with Ayahuasca International

Alberto José Varela and Ayahuasca International

Ayahuasca International (originally Ayahuasca Internacional) is also known as Inner Mastery International S.L.U.

Important: Always look for motivations and many recommendations prior to choosing who to drink with!

For reports and resources concerning activities from disrespectful to unethical to downright horrible, see the following links:

  • Official ICEERS statement: Cofán speaking out against Varela’s activities and they say he has had absolutely NO training through them, nor any of his facilitators with Ayahuasca International; that he forged documents and has lied about many associations, such as having any sort of blessing from this indigenous group of true Colombian shamans or their peoples.
  • Sexual abuse testimony, and reported unorthodox practices with his small daughter around often; Cofán speaking out about his illegitmacy, as he claims to have been blessed and trained by these people; Varela’s own psychologist, who sounded a bit unorthodox himself, reportedly pushing for sexual exploration as well, is said to no longer be by Varela’s side due to Varela’s lack of ethics.
  • Very interesting article detailing many astounding and unsafe practices of Varela, such as offering the tea to everyone without any sort of screening or preparation, has highly advertised an illegal practice for monetary gain, including discounts for children; it is questioned where he sources his brew and whether it is in fact ayahuasca; certainly Varela’s commercial efforts are terrible for sustainability of these sacred medicines.
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