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A mixed bag really! Part Two




The facilitation sessions were your typical group therapy kind of thing with lots of people sharing and trying to make sense of the previous night’s trip for want of a better word. I didn’t have much to share as I had slept through most of it and felt nothing from the brew at all. When I raised this it was quite quickly swept under the carpet and the discussion moved on. Later on that night took a similar format to the 1st night with the Aya being administered in the same quasi communion like manner. This time the session was led by one of the other facilitators and I gleamed from the whisperings that I observed that it was her first night leading an ayahuasca ceremony. There was music being played on a laptop and I suppose the whole idea was to provide some sounds to help bring it all on etc. On the 2nd night there were some of the trainee facilitators present who were taking ayahuasca as part of their training. I didn’t really like that they were there as I hadn’t met them as such and it felt uncomfortable. Not that that was an issue as again, the Ayahuasca didn’t affect me and I fell asleep and woke up in the morning to have my 2nd session of Kambo to which I reacted much the same as the first time. After that there was another blast of group therapy type thing (which is great no matter where you are or who is taking it). Some aspects of it were a bit strong and unpleasant. One of the guys who was talking about enjoying seeing the visuals around him when he was in the bathroom and loving it was told by one of the facilitators that he should to go to a room with “the rest of the shit” because that’s how he felt about himself which seemed to me seemed to me to be a bit over the top. I felt that the facilitator misjudged what the participant needed and simply didn’t know enough about him to decide what style of approach would work for him. I think that she felt that she intuitively knew what was right which seemed very conceited to say the least. Personally I got a lot out of being open and honest within a group of people who all wanted to overcome their personal issues and move forward with their lives, however, I could have organised that kind of thing as effectively for myself for free. Later on that night was my last ceremony and this time there were a lot more facilitators present (so many that the room was far too cramped, which was unfair for paying guests) and there was a lot more ego massaging going on amongst them. I felt somewhat uncomfortable and was quite relieved that it was my last night. This time I had a lot more Ayahuasca which did affect me, but not to the same extent it did everybody else. I’m not sure if it was the placebo effect or not as I really wanted it to work as I had spent so much money, but I had some interesting thoughts and imaginings. The last night irritated me as one of the male facilitators in a dodgy pair of David Lee Roth spandex bottoms was convinced he was a bird and was rolling around making bird mating sounds which given that I was nowhere close to being that out of it irritated immensely and I kind of wanted to go and tell him to shut to F..k up before I plucked his feathers and opened a big can of whoop ass on him, but out of general politeness and laziness I resisted the temptation. At any rate, I was happy to see the night pass. The next morning I had my last session of Kambo which made up for the lack of effects of the other two days. I literally swelled up and looked like a frog with a big rubber lip and googly eyes etc. I also was as sick as dog and felt like death for about an hour afterward. So, that the Kambo did what I expected it to do. After a couple of hours I was given a very apathetic goodbye from the facilitators, a very heartfelt and lovely goodbye from the other participants and on my merry way home I went.

Disturbing reports associated with Ayahuasca International

Alberto José Varela and Ayahuasca International

Ayahuasca International (originally Ayahuasca Internacional) is also known as Inner Mastery International S.L.U.

Important: Always look for motivations and many recommendations prior to choosing who to drink with!

For reports and resources concerning activities from disrespectful to unethical to downright horrible, see the following links:

  • Official ICEERS statement: Cofán speaking out against Varela’s activities and they say he has had absolutely NO training through them, nor any of his facilitators with Ayahuasca International; that he forged documents and has lied about many associations, such as having any sort of blessing from this indigenous group of true Colombian shamans or their peoples.
  • Sexual abuse testimony, and reported unorthodox practices with his small daughter around often; Cofán speaking out about his illegitmacy, as he claims to have been blessed and trained by these people; Varela’s own psychologist, who sounded a bit unorthodox himself, reportedly pushing for sexual exploration as well, is said to no longer be by Varela’s side due to Varela’s lack of ethics.
  • Very interesting article detailing many astounding and unsafe practices of Varela, such as offering the tea to everyone without any sort of screening or preparation, has highly advertised an illegal practice for monetary gain, including discounts for children; it is questioned where he sources his brew and whether it is in fact ayahuasca; certainly Varela’s commercial efforts are terrible for sustainability of these sacred medicines.
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