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8312 Creil, Netherlands

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We offer psychedelic retreats in a safe, legal, and comfortable setting with experienced facilitators and a registered nurse. We aim to make the psychedelic experience accessible to first timers, as well as experienced people who want to explore psychedelics in a deeper and more intentional way.
We place the psychedelic experience amidst mindfulness training and our program includes a course of meditation practice with guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.

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This center is open since May 1st 2019


Psilocybin-containing truffles.

LocationOur retreats are held at Paradijs Op Aarde, or “Paradise on Earth”, a large house in peaceful Dutch countryside in the province of Flevoland, 90 minutes outside of Amsterdam. Surrounded by trees and greenery, its a natural setting and tranquil environment. There is a large garden to sit outside and eat meals in the fresh air.

How to get thereShared group taxi pickup is available to be arranged from Lelystad (a direct 1 hour train ride from Amsterdam). Contact us if you would like information on public transport, or alternatively you can make your own way to the venue.

Accommodation and facilities

4 single rooms

1 double room

1 dorm room


Music that is played during session

Pre-recorded but custom made for psychedelic sessions.

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake processWe screen applicants using a comprehensive application form and a follow up video call.

The center provides a follow up integration processStructured sessions to help identify key themes and insights from your session and how to integrate them to your life. This is done through a mix of creative exercises designed to help revisit and reflect on the experience, discover the essence and key insights of the session, and understand what it means moving forward. We will follow up with you 2 weeks after to check in with you and your integration process. This gives an opportunity to reflect on the experience with some space and to receive support with any challenging thoughts and feelings that may arise as your process continues upon returning home.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentWe create and maintain a comfortable indoor environment for psilocybin sessions. Benefits of psilocybin include: Deeper connection with the world, new appreciation of life, improved creativity and cognitive flexibility, improved emotional processing, healing through emotional release, mystical or peak experience and our purpose is to create the optimal setting for these to occur.


John Andrew
John has been researching, writing about and exploring first hand psychedelics for the last 8 years. On his mission to make safe experiences accessible John has been facilitating psychedelic sessions both privately and on retreat since 2017. Working to change mainstream perception of psychedelics, he has been involved with film projects, public speaking, podcasts and conferences. A mindfulness coach and longtime practitioner, John is enthusiastic about the integration of meditation and psychedelics and is excited to see these practices come together at New Moon.
Maria Lolo
Maria is a holistic counsellor and neuropsychologist whose core professional focus is on attachment difficulties, the interconnection between our physical, mental and spiritual life, and the use of psychedelics as a tool for healing and personal growth. Maria is trained as a Chi Nei Tsang bodyworker and weaves theoretical and practical knowledge to help people reconnect with their body and grow in awareness of the body’s wisdom. She is a co-founder of Ōsmos studio in Berlin, where alongside her private practice as a holistic counsellor, she hosts workshops about relationships, intimacy, and altered states of consciousness.
Tuk Rask
Tuk discovered psychedelics when a deep crisis after prolonged depression forced him to look beyond conventional medicine. MDMA therapy and magic truffle sessions facilitated immense healing and consequently sparked in him a passionate curiosity about psychedelics and the mind. He has since explored these plant medicines extensively in South America, and in 2016 began facilitating private and group sessions in his endeavour to share the benefits he has received. By co-creating New Moon Retreats Tuk hopes to make this kind of experience available to many more people.
Ulla Petersen
Educated as a yoga teacher in 1975, Ulla has extensive experience in teaching all kinds of people. Her focus is on classic hatha yoga, using breathing, relaxation, and physical exercises to create connection between body and mind. As a nurse Ulla is experienced in surgery and psychiatry and has been working with people suffering from psychotic breaks and personality disorders for the last decade. Her personal psychedelic experience, warm presence, and ability to connect with people make her an excellent facilitator for your retreat.

Group Size

Maximum 8 persons per group


Maximum 2 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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