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Jr. Jose Olaya 761, Tarapoto, Peru



I came for a 10 day dieta. When I got there, I told the shaman my intentions and he suggested to me that I should drink Bobinsana. The bark of the plant was cut right on the land! It was brewed and before it was poured into my bottle, we gave a prayer and I tossed a little bit of tobacco into the fire with my intentions. When I finished my bottle, they graciously brewed more for me. So much work, and intention is put into all the medicine. My tumba was right over the little lake they have. It had a porch with a hammock, a personal bathroom, a bed, and a mosquito net. The staff changed my sheets every three days to make sure I had clean sheets to sleep in. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was provided for with only the freshest, farm raised ingredients. I would spend my days in the Maloka(temple hut) singing, drawing, meditating. Just enjoy the peace that surrounded me. Being surrounded by bugs, animals, and trees is such a blessing. Ideas would stream out of me and I would write it in my notebook. I feel like my thoughts are in alignment with myself, my family, and the earth now. This was a powerful experience. During the Dieta, I did 3 ceremonies. The medicine was powerful, and yet not too powerful. Just enough without overwhelming my system. The shaman would speak with me to ask how I was doing, holding space for me to work with the medicine. He would do such a great job of listening to my thoughts, accepting myself for who I am, and giving me insight. It was like I was speaking to a wise friend who knew how to crack jokes. It hit all the right spots. I highly recommend Katari! 5 stars all the way!

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Visited Thursday, May 20th 2021

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