Marci Moberg

Hi I'm Marci! And I have a gift for reconnecting sensitives to their inner truth (aka intuition) and rekindling their sense of kinship with the animate Earth. My clients describe the containers I create in session as safe, loving, and nurturing. And my grounded approach is equal parts practical and inspiring.
I am a psychedelics-positive guide who advocates for a harm reduction approach to sacred medicine experiences. I've been working with clients 1:1 full-time for eight years. And my integrated work draws from a wide range of modalities including: dreamwork, ritual, somatic-based trauma informed approaches, flower essence therapy, meditation, and journaling to name a few.
My sacred medicine work is influenced by my earth-based spirituality, somatic-based trauma-informed approaches, and the latest research in therapeutic approaches to psychedelics. I support intentional preparation ahead of sacred medicine experiences and integration after a psychedelic experience.

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