Review for Guided Tripping

Life-affirming day with Miriam

Amsterdam, Netherlands



It’s been 12 days since my experience/ guided trip, and I’m still unpacking it all. But what I can say now is that the day was utterly life-affirming. What I experienced gave me deep, and unexpected, insight into feelings I was holding onto, unconsciously, for many years. Bringing those feelings into my awareness hasn’t been easy, I feel quite sad, but I know those are weights I’m letting go, and I will fee better soon. I also saw how several of the “stories” I tell myself about me are just that: fictions. Fascinating! And I laughed SO much. And I time traveled, which sounds bonkers but it felt real as a heart attack at the time, but so much more fun. This was my first experience with psychedelics but it won’t be my last!!!

Participants in ceremony: 1

Facilitators in ceremony: 1

Participants per Facilitator: 1


Lovely room, nice snacks!


Very comfortable space


Miriam was present and kind, and I really am grateful for her.


I have no point of comparison but my dose seemed to work perfectly.


The whole session felt based in truth.


I felt very secure.


It’s hard to prepare for something unknown like this but Miriam did a good job of making the unknown “un scary.”

Booking process

All good!

Follow up integration

Haven’t done yet!

Visited Thursday, August 25th 2022

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