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A trip with Miriam

Amsterdam, Netherlands



One week ago I had a very special trip with Miriam. There had been a nice intake conversation before, explaining what would happen and exploring my intentions for the journey. I've had a rough year (i.a. losing a close relative to cancer and ending a 9 yr relationship) and my intention was to reconnect to the basis of my life/to my own essence. The first part was very intens. I was alternately surrendering to the intensity and being overwhelmed. I went back and forth between experiencing and analysing the situation. Something I recognize from my life, where analysis can get the upper hand and bring me into a state of paralisis. However, I could experience that both reactions were fine. I could percieve the whole proces from a very loving place. Analysis was fine, and because it was fine, it could relax as well, and I could dive more freely into the experiencing and living part. A lot more happened, but this was the essence of it. The loving acceptance of everything that happened gave a lot of understanding and freedom. Miriam was amazing. She let me have my experience fully and when I needed it she held my hand or she'd sit next to me. Throughout the whole trip I could feel her presence in the room and it made me feel safe. When the intensity subsided somewhat I talked with her when I wanted to. She provided supplements, coconut juice, food, etc, all at the right time. I am very grateful for the experience and the inights still linger in me.

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Visited Thursday, December 16th 2021

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