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A life changing experience with April

Amsterdam, Netherlands



It was my first psychedelics experince and it was so beautiful that I'm hoping it to be my last experience. I selected April after reading in reviews that he is nurturing, caring & like a motherly figure. And she absolutely is and much more that that. She makes you feel comfortable, almost as if she's you friend already. Her natural skills of connecting with people, understanding them, their goals or issues empathetically and without any judgement are outstanding and helps creating a safe place which you very much need during your experience. I was glad that I approached this experience with vulnerability & trust in her right from our first zoom meeting. I thoroughly loved her process of intention setting, systematic but very organic steps throughout and rituals which help creating nudges and help significantly during the actual experience. Her caring is not limited to only the day of experience but she plans everything with you prior and creates one of the amazing integration plan for you. Her vitamins, notes, recording, integration meeting and everything she did for me helped so significantly for my integration that I can gladly say this whole experience has helped me concretely in my real life. I planned to go for this experience with an intention and received much more than what I expected. My actual experience was so stunning that finally faced all those bottled up things in my mind, saw myself & my subconcious with so much clarity thanks to her decision of dosage, amazing music list & safe environment created in her beautiful home. April was so caring, compassionate and responsible during my very powerful experience. I couldn't have done it and done it to get such beautiful results without April. I also had some fun during and after the actual experience. The effects stayed with me more than 2 weeks with an unexpected short trip after returning home. From my very satifying & meanful experince, I will highly recommend April as your guide in this journey. By the she's a great cook and loved all the things she prepared for us. I feel so blessed that I selected April and she's helped me in one of my most significant life experiences.

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Visited Tuesday, April 5th 2022

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