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Ineffably life changing and supportive experience with April

Amsterdam, Netherlands



I had been looking for a trustworthy and supportive professional to guide me through the experience and help me on my journey of gaining faith in myself and connection with the world. I could not imagine anyone else to guide me for this journey than April. She is just incredibly supportive, attentive, warm, and genuine. My intention was to gain more trust and grounding in myself. Throughout the experience and, crucially, with April's insight and guidance, I was able to see the underlying patterns that were stopping me, how I could gain this for myself and how I could integrate this in my life. During the intake call, we discussed my intention and journey so far - April has supported me with all that I needed to know, answered my questions, and just listened and really heard me. She really understood my intention and I felt very confident and calm going into this first ever psychedelic experience. April just made me feel like I was completely in the right place, at the right time, in the right hands. Her humor and ability to find the most accurate metaphors to describe something made the entire journey more clear and also made me feel that I could be my full self during the session and that April 'gets me' and I will be understood during the experience. On the day of the session, as we met, I felt more sure and glad to be guided by April. Before beginning, we discussed my intention and questions about dosing, which we adjusted according to how I was feeling. As someone who often gets last minute jitters and tends to get paranoid, it meant a lot to me to have that time to talk over expectations. April really took time to listen to me, answered all my questions, and reassured me that I would be supported all throughout the experience. And this is really how the experience unfolded. Again, as a first-timer and a regular over thinker, it was incredibly important to feel this safe and sure of myself and my guide. In the very beginning, I had some resistance and hesitation as I felt the truffles starting to work, so having April there guide me and support me has made all the difference and allowed me to relax into the experience. April was quite like the rock of calm and support. This enabled me to change my attitude to ease into the experience and be curious. The minute it happened, I was able to dive deeper into the experience and do the inner exploration that I intended to. All throughout the experience, April was there giving me space but also being there for questions and insights. Although I understood that rationally, we were not in the same psychedelic space, it felt that April completely understood what I was experiencing and was on the same wave. This made the 'landing', as the experience ended, equally as comforting and reassuring. And as I had just experienced such extraordinary things and was not immediately able to put them into words, I felt the comfort to just be, to just arrive back into present moment, and April helped me with that. More insights unfolded in the next day and later on. April has also guided me into uncovering them and integrating them. As someone who gets lost in overthinking, it is sometimes difficult for me to put my thoughts into coherent threads and even see the essence of my own insights. April has connected things we discussed before the session and has helped me unearth some critical insights about myself - she really 'got' me and my intention. This was crucial to me integrating this transformational process into my daily life and to change the way I think and see myself, which was my main motivation. I think it is important to say that beyond the power of the psychedelics themselves, the guide, the person, is perhaps the most important force because they are your connection to yourself and the world during the session. Having this trustful and supportive connection alone is psychologically a vital experience. For example, during the trip, just feeling that support and attention from April, and during the landing, learning to hold space for myself, not rushing to rationalize my experience (and falling into my old patterns) and being present, has given me this critical experience. As April created these pockets of safety and support between us, I feel that I could do the same for myself.

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Facilitators in ceremony: 1

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The location was fantastic - very welcoming, beautiful, warm, safe.



April is an incredible facilitator. She supports you, encourages your exploration during the session, helps you uncover insights, but also allows you to have your own space if needed.



The entire process from getting in touch to integration steps have been made transparent and explained in detail. April has been genuine and open in providing me with all info and answering my questions.


I felt very secure and knew I was very secure. April established a connection based on trust, clear communication, and support.


Preparation was organized, timely and supportive to my intention. April has provided me with the info and tools in order to prepare for the session and to create a foundation for integration.

Booking process

The booking process was extremely transparent, easy, and organized.

Follow up integration

April has continued to be extremely supportive in my integration journey. She helped me in uncovering and noting my insights and we are working on how to integrate them in my life. I feel empowered to do so

Visited Friday, April 1st 2022

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