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First truffle experience with April - it was outstanding!

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Fortunately, April was recommended to me for my very first truffle session. This is something I will always be grateful for. From the very first meeting onwards, I felt like being in the best hands. April not only has a vast knowledge about this helpful substance but she also is highly trustworthy, inspiring, and warm. All of this is crucial when it comes to a guided trip in my opinion. Her thorough approach and her way of getting to the core of an issue are remarkable. Having spent a good amount of time at German and British universities myself, I was seriously impressed by April's skills, professionalism, and overall approach. This made me very comfortable−I do not trust strangers easily. Opening up to April however was easy. The preparation was amazing and I had a blissful and insightful, very unique experience with April at my side. It was more or less to the universe and back. Here I need to mention the fact that I can look back at quite a long history of meditation and zen which had allowed me to work on some issues in my life beforehand. During the actual trip, I could feel her warm presence and care which enabled me to dive in very deeply into my inner world while always feeling safe. April's excellent choice of music enabled me to travel to different realms; it made the entire journey even more outstanding. Moreover, I have to mention the excellent integration work which now allows me to integrate my highly spiritual and blissful experience (no negativity at all but you can't expect that) into my everyday life to achieve a state of calmness and mindfulness. A life free from tension and with many groundbreaking spiritual insights. I am incredibly grateful for such a life-changing endeavor, and April was the perfect choice. I have already decided that I will indeed pursue my delightful journey of psychedelic exploration, and I am more than happy to be guided by April again next year.

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Visited Tuesday, March 1st 2022

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