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Just a quick warning : English is not my first language so be ready for some grammatical and spelling mistakes ^^. I did this guided trip because i was really curious about it, i heard testomy from friend and watch some documentaries and read books about psylocibine/musrhoom and it seems that it was a philisophical a spiritual and a personnal experience of the lifetime. The thing was that i am not sombedoy who is used to drug, i smoked a bit a weed but did not really like it and never tried mushroom or anything similar. So even if i was curious i was also really afraid. April knew exactly what to do during my trip but most of all she really helped me prepare before the trip on what to expect and how to handle my trip if it starts to be difficult. I really felt that i was safe and in good hands and i was so gratefull for it because i am sure it play a huge part of me having a amazing trip. I would have never done that without a guidance of a professionnal like April. I came with the intention of having this spiritual experience that some people say they had thanks to psylocibine and i was so lucky to experience it myself. If you just a curious person like me who heard about it and if you are curious to try, please do. Educate yourself about it , chose April as your coach and go for it ^^. It is a bugdet but it was for real one of the most significant experience of my life. I can't express how amazing it was and how it has affect in such a beautiful way my vision of the world. Thanks again April.

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Visited Friday, December 3rd 2021

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