Review for Guided Tripping

A Guided Experience With April

Amsterdam, Netherlands



My first psysilobin mushroom experience was a guided trip with April. From the moment I entered her space, I knew I had made the right decision for me. April is kind and helpful but also highly intuitive and intelligent. Her ability to help me see what I need, in any given moment, was spectacular. Although I was a bit anxious, her comfortable manner and informational style provided a safe and comfortable environment. My trip was not entirely an easy one and I worked hard for a number of hours. When I felt hungry, and asked for food, April's chef level mastery of comfort food made me spectacularly well nourished. I tasted healthy nibbles and a stew that matches no other I've tried. All of it fed my hunger and also my need for connection to my own past. Although I found the psycilobin visual fireworks interesting, it was also overwhelming at times. Memories of the death of my parents, my connection to them and my own children and. even my own mortality became very present for me. April handled these moments with aplomb, even sometimes playfully, which allowed me the physical and emotional space to do my work. I had room to move, physically and emotionally. I believe in guided tripping and will continue the journey with April. If you are curious about yourself, it is a grounding and philosophical experience to be sure. For me, it is now part of a longer trek to knowing myself and loving others with whom I am in connection much better too.

Participants in ceremony: -2

Facilitators in ceremony: -1

Participants per Facilitator: 2


April's apartment was cozy and provided a safe and colorful environment for my guided trip.



April is smart, flexible and shares her knowledge and warmth throughout the session.


The truffles were top rate and the blue coloring confirmed a good bath too.


The session was well-described and I was told the cost and procedures to follow.


I was always comfortable and knowing April will feel safe in session with her.


Good information provided to prepare for the experience.

Booking process

Good intake session to make sure it was right for me and my partner.

Follow up integration

Continuing to do work on the integration but already feel the feedback and my own experience make sense.

Visited Friday, November 5th 2021

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