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An exceptional and life affirming experience with April

Amsterdam, Netherlands



A friend of mine recommended Guided Tripping and I was able to connect with April. I was undergoing a moment of profound transition in my life, my love of self was shaken and I was second guessing myself and my convictions. I wanted to recentre, reconnect with self, dig deeper into my inner being, mind, emotion, body and reunite them. April is a very thoughtful, caring, and challenging guide. She was exactly what I needed. Her pre-work preparation, from onboarding through to the session was excellent. During the session I felt in entirely safe hands trying psychedelics for the first time in my life (I've never used any drugs of any kind not perscribed by a doctor before) the research I did on the website and elsewhere was supported by April and that removed any anxiety I may have had. During the fantastic, illuminating, difficult, emotionally painful, and self-affirming session, April was the perfect guide throughout. She was not too present, but assisted exactly when I needed it. Coming out of my trip, she was warm and reassuring, she makes wonderful food including muffins which helped me renourish my body. During the integration session, April really helped make sense of the insights and gave me clarity about the ongoing journey. I can not recommend April and Guided Tripping enough. Thank you!

Participants in ceremony: 1

Facilitators in ceremony: 1

Participants per Facilitator: 1


April's studio is perfect for the therapy




April is outstanding


What April recommended was exactly what was needed




I was safe at all times, physically and psychologically


excellent and thorough understanding of the situation and the intent

Booking process

initial issues getting through on the Guided Tripping website - this was rectified

Follow up integration

clear direction to continue the journey

Visited Monday, August 1st 2022

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